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Errr, wtf is this xD

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Errr, wtf is this xD

Post  Former England on Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:19 pm

... Wat? This is compulsory? D:
-HATES introducing herself :'c-

I... have no clue what to say :c -ponders-
Okay, well yall can just call me Arthur I suppose, or Artie. Both work, annnnd I'm cool with either. I've been RPing for 3 years, but only hetalia for a couple of months. England's my fav character by... a longshot. Usuk's my fav pairing, buuuut I also like Sufin, Prucan, Germany/Austria, Austria/Hungary, and a bit of England/Spain when my mood's right (also wtfever else I mentioned in the pairing thread |D)... I do NOT ship much Bl 8D

if you want to know then ask Bl XD
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