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Ivan Braginski

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Ivan Braginski

Post  Zana on Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:37 pm

Full Name: Ivan Braginski
Age: 23
Birthday: December 30th
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Russian
Rank: Head

~Physically Strong
~Always Smiles

~Anger Issues
~Usually Depressed, Despite Appearances


On the surface, Ivan seems to be a cheerful, kind and caring person. However, this is a facade that hides his cruel nature. The average person who met him in passing would think of him as bright and sunny, but get to know him, and the smile becomes more intimidating and the cheerfulness turns to menace. He also tends to get depressed easily, though it is usually hard to tell when he does. However, one should not cross his path.


Ivan was raised to become the head of the family. It was all he knew of life. He had no other choice, no other options. Perhaps that was what lead to his twisted nature. His parents never treated him with love or kindness. In fact, his older sister was the only one who treated him decently. When their father passed away, he was 16 and left to run the family operations.

His cruel nature tends to show in the way he runs his business. Things are accomplished with no regard for others and if you get in the way of his goals, you can expect to be punished severely. Ivan sees his family as a literal one, but will not hesitate to punish them if provoked or pick on them for his own amusement.

Other Important Info:

He quite enjoys vodka and always wears the scarf his sister gave him as a present for becoming head of the family.

Roleplay Sample:

Ivan opened the door to the house, humming quietly to himself. It was late, even for the Mafia families, and he had a bottle of vodka clenched in his grasp. Had he been drinking? No... His hand left the door handle, blood dripping from it. Looking over his shoulder to examine the liquid, he giggled. There would be no problems from that man again.

Walking towards the kitchen, he paused when he passed a mirror. His reflection stared back at him. It had been a while since he had gone out to do grunt work like this, but he hand grown anxious. After all, he wanted a piece of the action, too. And this man... well, this man especially angered him. The Russian's smile grew with his anger as he remembered. He had threatened to rat them out. To get them arrested. That simply wouldn't do, now would it?

A swig from the bottle quieted his thoughts and he continued on, going to the sink to wash his hands. It sickened him to have this man's blood all over him, but at the same time, a sick wave of pleasure crossed his mind. He remembered the screaming and the fear in the other's eyes. Yes, this had been a good night.


Name: Zana~
Timezone: -7
MSN/AIM;etc: PM for these
You read the rules, right?: Blue...? :'D
Anything else?: This is my first time rping as Ivan, so please tell me if I'm doin' it wrong. Sorry if anything is too short ;;


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Re: Ivan Braginski

Post  Maccheroni on Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:17 pm

Sorry for the wait, really really! Looks good to me, you are accepted! Please make an account, and feel free to start posting!

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