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Post  Matthias Larsen on Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:51 pm

( Full Description here! )

Now our dignified mod put up a beautiful and elaborate explanation in the link above. The gist of it is this for the eye-catcher! This is an AU Hetalia RP set in modern day New York in a business setting. As the 'corp' suggests, this RP is centered around a large corporation where each nation is a regular human with flaws and strengths. Whether they were successful or in the slump, all have been hired into Nationcorp!

What is different with this RP is that it has a backbone - a story behind this RP. There is a plot set up and a huge mystery that honestly, no one else knows except for the mod! How will it end? A bloody battle? The dissolution of the company? Redundant but no one knows or even has the faintest idea, for Nationcorp has barely begun! It will OFFICIALLY open November 1st but it seems that holds are piling up already.

Now for the personal persuasion~ I RP as Iceland in there and we're really a lovely bunch! This place is a very literate RP and it seems that each member has a passion for their own character. No doubt, you'll meet with a lot of experienced RPers <3 We're cracktastic (especially in IRC--I can't even...) and just lovable.

Characters we would love to see:

Hong Kong

And if you'd like to challenge the holds, feel free to do that as well! We accept OCs as well and all will be judged according to the application. It may seem a bit tedious to do but it's fun if you're passionate about your character. So yeah. Hope to see ya faces there!
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