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Ari Jørgensen

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Ari Jørgensen

Post  Ari Jørgensen on Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:31 am


Full Name: Ari Jørgensen
Age: 16
Birthday: June 17th
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: Second

Family: Nordic
Rank: Member

-Book Smart
-Musically Inclined

-Stubborn (Yes, that’s his weakness too)
-Frequently sick
-Easily flustered

Personality: Ari is quiet, but not shy. He enjoys silence above most things and dislikes people who are loud because of that. Even the smallest of things can embarrass him, though you would be hard put to convince him to admit it. His stubbornness is his best trait in that he usually ends up getting what he wants but his worst trait because people usually end up mad at him about it. However, he always ends up relenting, albeit reluctantly, if it’s his brother. Although on the surface he may seem cool and collected, he is quick to anger and acts very childishly at times. When he is upset, he turns passive aggressive.

History: Growing up, he never knew his parents. His mother passed away giving birth to him and his father committed suicide shortly after. He doesn’t remember much about the relatives that he and his brother were entrusted to other than that the only constant in his while life has been Lukas. When they were shunted aside, his brother would take care of him even though he was still young himself. Ari was always sickly, the cold of the streets and the hunger they bore making things even worse.

There were times when he wished that he had wished that he had just never been born so that his brother and his parents could be happy together and not have to worry about him. He never told his brother this, though, because he knew that Lukas would chastise him. In fact, he never truly confided any of his feelings to his brother because he didn’t want to be anymore of a burden. As his way of trying to help and imitate his brother, he would sometimes use a fake last name and distance himself, thinking that would make him independent.

When Lukas joined the Mafia, Ari couldn’t help but be a little worried even if he never gave voice to his concerns. His health was finally starting to improve, though, and he was happy to see Lukas around other people. Ari himself was growing up and as a way of helping, he started going behind his brother’s back to help out the Mafia that had offered to help them out. It eventually came to light because Ari never could keep a secret from him.

Other Important Info: Ari has a strange affinity for any kind of bird and if able to choose, would only eat sweets. When he gets the chance, he likes to read and listen to music.

Roleplay Sample: Ari sat in the kitchen of the Nordic family mansion, a bag of licorice that he had stolen from a local convenience store in hand. The hired help all thought it odd that he would sit in the kitchen just for the sake of being there and eat candy, but they were getting used to his eccentricities.

Just last week he had entreated them to not throw bread away and give it to him instead. At first, they refused, but the head chef gave the boy a roll and watched as he walked off. Ari took the bread out to the yard and started scattering it out for the birds. Finding this amusing, they relented and watched as each morning Ari would take the bread and walk out, immediately having a flock of pigeons, seagulls and others perch on and around him.

A yawn spread across his face and he stretched out before falling asleep, the staff snickering at him from behind their hands.


Name: Sarep
Timezone: GMT -7 with no DST
MSN/AIM;etc: Skype: Sarepthegreat PM for others
You read the rules, right?: Si~ Purple
Anything else?: I hope it’s okay to take a second :’ D If I did anything wrong, slap me, I will not be offended XD
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Re: Ari Jørgensen

Post  Lukas Jørgensen on Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:40 pm

You. Me. Thread. Now.

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