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EDUCATIONAL CHAOS * a hetalia boarding school

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EDUCATIONAL CHAOS * a hetalia boarding school

Post  EMZ on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:29 pm

In the world we live in now, it isn't that easy for education nowadays. Schools filled with drugs, alcohol, cruelty and poor affluence in the school systems; it isn't hard to say that the future's youth is slowly crumbling down in fast rates.

But in the small spark of light, there is a school in America, one of the most prestigious schools there is in the simple name of The Worldwide Boarding School. Built in the 2000's, it was made for the only reason was to educate the kids and bring them together, who really needed it. With the help of many sponsors and money, sooner or later the school found themselves with many students from all over the world in the front gates, waiting for their education to be delightfully served to them. As the school's population grew, so did their fame and fortune, and as of 2010 it proudly stands as one of the most well known schools of all countries.

But like the saying goes... 'You cannot judge a book by it's cover.' While on the outside the boarding school looks refined, efficient, and most defiantly fancy, the definition of the students were entirely a very different story. The students were not all just rich, proper, young adults like the faculty of TWBS expected as, and actually were the exact opposite. The school was built like said for the teenagers who, really needed it, and well most students literally really needed it. Low income families soon began starting to sign their teenagers up, and even parents with troubled teenagers began just to send them to the school, just so they could deal with the problem; and as different backgrounds grew more and more just kept coming.

Snobby rich kids, desperate poor kids, badass naughty kids, the list of the school's backgrounds just kept coming and coming. And with all these different kinds of students that enrolled here, the faculty was positively wrong on their idea of the school. Because what they created was definatly not prestigious and only filled with educational chaos...

And with the tale to be done, there is one and only one real question that withstands here...


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