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Lili Zwingli Application

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Lili Zwingli Application

Post  Lili Zwingli on Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:52 pm


Full Name: Lili Zwingli
Age: 16
Birthday: July 12
Gender: Female
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: German
Rank: Family Member

Strengths: Computers, Maturity, Sewing, Loyalty, Opinionated
Weaknesses: Strength, Vash, Height, Defense, Being Alone, Seeing People get Hurt

Personality: Lili is a caring young woman with a humble personality along with being mature. She is slightly nervous to anyone outside the German Family over her protective brother. She is also very high-tech and knows her way around a computer, she gets away with hacking since hardly anyone can trace her. She would do anything to protect her adoptive brother, even though he is her major weakness. With being a computer genius, Germania normally has her check out what is going on with the other households. She is unsure if Vash knows what she does for the family but since he is the guard she believes he does. She is fluent in German along with a few other languages. She is really good at breaking codes.

History: Lili was abandoned by her family when she was a young baby. All she had from her birth parents was a letter telling her that they were sorry and hope that she would forgive them. Since she has been in the foster care system over her first adoptive parents she grew into a fear of being alone since most of the families didn’t care for her and focused on the other children that were more disobedient.

The last family that she had pushed her out of the house when they found her on one of their computers hacking into things, it was a hobby that she came to have when there was nothing else to do in the house that she lived in. She walked around the streets for a while before Vash found her in an alleyway sleeping. He took her into his arms and cared for her, getting to be healthy again. Vash ended up suing the family and cousty went to him since he wanted to adopt her as his sister over the bond they formed.

She tends to stay close to Vash over her fear of being alone and learning that he is the guard to the German Mafia Household. Germania found out about her hacking abilities and decided that she would be useful to the family.

Other Important Info: None that I can think of at the moment. Will post if anything comes to mind.

Roleplay Sample:
A young woman typed away at the keyboard that was placed in front of her. Her green eyes scanned the lines of code that she was going to have to hack. She really didn’t like doing it, but she wanted to make the head of her family happy. She didn’t want to be anywhere away from her adoptive brother. Her slender fingers flew over the keys of the keyboard as she looked for something that was hidden in the lines.

‘I hope I find what I’m looking for soon,’ thought Lili. ‘Mr. Germania didn’t really leave me any clues on what I was to be looking for.’ She turned her head to another screen looking through the lines of code. He gave her a room all to herself for her hacking abilities. She looked at the screens that surrounded her and paused as one line caught her attention. It was completely different then the code that was being used.

“Gefunden Sie,” said Lili in German with a smile on her face. She felt a pat on her shoulder letting her know that she did a good job. “Give me a few minutes, Sir. I will find out what this code means.” When that the footsteps walked away and out of the room. She would make her head happy. She didn’t want to be alone again.

(( Gefunden Sie - German- Found you ))


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Re: Lili Zwingli Application

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:16 pm

Approved. ^^

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