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Sa-wat dee, ana~ ˹Nickkhun Predchaphet ⁞ Thailand˼

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Sa-wat dee, ana~ ˹Nickkhun Predchaphet ⁞ Thailand˼

Post  Nickkhun Predchaphet on Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:18 pm


Full Name: Nickkhun Predchaphet
Age: 23
Birthday: August 24
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Asian
Rank: Member - Negotiator/Diplomat


▲Knows Muay Thai


▼Language Barrier
▼Physical Strength
▼Can't use guns


It is nigh impossible for anyone to anger this laid-back Thai. Nickkhun Predchaphet is a simple man with simple desires. To him, family is the uppermost priority; he sends out "doting older brother" vibes. It doesn't take much for him to acquiesce his argument with a family member. He smiles regularly, and is so commonplace that when the Thai has anything but, people always get the impression that something horrible has happened. He is selfless, putting the wants of his family before his. Nickkhun is incredibly patient and obliging-- if you put him with the wrong person, there's sure to be chaos. He has a verbal tick, and often says "Ana~" in his horribly mangled Thai-English (but he's getting there). When he's under stress, he reverts back into full Thai. He will often refer to his pocketbook, "How to Fit into Culture Western" that he bought at a discount store in Thai. Don't tell the Thai that his book is outdated and wonky, it'll make the Thai cry that he wasted his good baht. He's also very much into cooking and sewing and often makes adorable scarves (and etc.) for Mei-li and others. He may be a total pushover when it comes to his family, but in business he a renowned shrew. Never double cross Nickkhun's negotiations; for years he had amassed a great reputation and he likes to keep it pristine and intact by using any means necessary.


Out of any member's in the Asian Family, Nickkhun Predchaphet's history is by far the most bizarre. Born an orphan, an owner of a Kathoey bar took in the youth. Years in the bar had honed Nickkhun's skills in negotiation and crossdressing and it wasn't long until Nickkhun discovered the underbelly of Thai crime. There he demonstrated his expertise and managed to climb up the ranks as an exemplary orator. It was not long until the Asian House approached him with the prospects of a new life outside of Bangkok. Anxious yet excited, Nickkhun eagerly awaits his new life in the Asian House!

Other Important Info:

    ● He speaks in a mixture of Engrish and Thai
    ● He gives Thai nicknames to those he likes
    ● He has no idea what slang is
    ● Due to his upbringing, he sometimes relies on seduction to acquire information

Roleplay Sample:

Nickkhun was absolutely confused. Feeling a bit self-conscious, he took another (yet another!) glance at the immolated scrap of paper clutched so firmly in his hand. In faded, almost chicken-scratch like writing was the address he was looking for. That he had found, presumably. What he hadn't expected was the address would lead him to something so vast, so grandiose, so... very different from the crowded rooms and the intimacy he was accustomed to. He felt something that resembled fear run through his veins, beating endlessly in his blood.

Nickkhun raised one of the heavy ring and knocked twice. The door opened moments later, and Nickkhun let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in. He quickly stuck out his hand in a friendly manner. "Sa-wat dee, ana! I am Nickkhun Predchaphet, from Thai."

The two men regarded each other with rather quizzical expressions. Before they had the indecency to slam the door in his face, the Thai slid into the courtyard with ease. Bafflement hung on the men's faces like laundry on a line. "Ana~ no worry, chai! The boss knows me!" Hastily, Nickkhun pulled out a sheet of paper and cursory handed the men the document. As the men were peering at the paper, Nickkhun quickly observed the men. Nothing but low-ranking members. The taller of the two grunted in approval and handed the paper back.

"Korbkhunja-- thank you ana~ if it's not too much, could you get my bags?" Nickkhun asked, nonchalantly pointing outside the door. The two men stiffened. Looking at each other and then back at the Thai, they visibly relaxed and agreed, heading outside only to find--- a colossal mountain of bags and briefcases!

"How many bags-- two, seven..." One man stammered.

"It's sixteen, actually, ana~" Nickkhun poked his head from the crack of the gate.

"W-what's inside them?" The other man ventured.

Nickkhun had a sly smile.

The man immediately regretted his question.

"Tæ̀ng tạw, ana~"


Name: Meccha | Rero | Plain Ol' Ashley
Timezone: PST, -8 GST
♪MSN: p.aark118(at)hotmail(dot)com
♪skype: Ask and ye shall receive~ (●´ω`●)ゞ
You read the rules, right?: Chai~
Anything else?: Hello everyone~ I hope I haven't ruined everyone's images of Thai-san. orz I love this guy and he deserves more love! I hope get to know you all~

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Re: Sa-wat dee, ana~ ˹Nickkhun Predchaphet ⁞ Thailand˼

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