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Natalya Arlovskaya

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Natalya Arlovskaya

Post  KO on Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:22 pm


Full Name: Natalya Arlovskaya
Age: 21
Birthday: August 25
Gender: Female
Is this an application for a first or second character: Second

Family: Russian
Rank: Guard

+ Talented with weaponry
+ Knows the human body extremely well
+ Doesn't show any signs of weakness
+ Her appearance has people lower their guard around her and she knows it
+ Has a way with words; manipulative
+ Emotionless: allows her to complete missions without any hesitation or regret
+ Highly intelligent
+ Direct (with her words and actions): doesn't fall for feints
+ Won't stop until her mission is fulfilled, Strong-willed

- Gets extremely predictable when it comes to her Brother
- Is extremely possessive of the things she favors
- Has a secret fondness for sweets and felines
- Extremely low interaction skills
- Has a slight fear of big dogs
- Is very defensive and sees almost everything said to her as a verbal attack
- Her mind: sometimes it randomly thinks of Ivan and gets her a bit distracted
- Her Brother's words
- Oblivious of the things outside of her own little world, where it is only filled of her family and doing the best to protect them.

To the eyes of other people, many people seem to relate Natalya with the words: creepy, stalkerish, and downright obsessive. But in her own eyes, she finds herself to be quite determined for her goals, sneaky and silent enough to get around without being noticed, and strong enough to protect the things that she loves. Her outer appearance shows nothing of the strength she possesses. But her physical strength isn't really all the strong: it's average strength, but her determination and will makes up for it, making her a lot stronger. She won't stop at a mission just because of her physical condition, she'll finish it because it'll make her Brother proud.

She is one of a few words, not willing to speak unless spoken to. And even then she might not speak unless it was her Brother of course. She dislikes anyone who dare to step within five miles of her Brother. But she had to trim it down to five meters due to the request of her oh-so-wonderful Brother. She hides all her emotions within herself, not wanting to appear weak in front of anyone. She will not rely on people because she feels that if she does, she is betraying her family by saying they are not enough to comfort and/or love her. But this has gotten so far to the point that she does not even rely on her family. She puts up a strong front around them as well. Being weak was something she detest because she is not weak, not at all. Was she to be describe to something, it would be a small snowflake: cold to the touch and pretty to look at from a distance while being extremely brittle all the while.

Due to her training, she knows nothing from outside from her little world. So when she is alone, she will take good amusement in observing toys and things for children... while eating sweets. It is her secret pleasure. She would most likely kill anyone who knows this little secret of her; she finds it to be a weakness and extremely childish... but a very enjoying and pleasant weakness. Even though she doesn't show it, her heart races a bit in fear when she sees big dogs. But she uses that fear to make her stronger and attacks fiercely, though she is a bit on the slower side when attacking from the beginning; it usually lasts for a few seconds.

Natalya was trained to be a Guard ever since young. She never enjoyed them because she could never see her Brother, let alone her Sister. And whenever she did see her Brother, he seemed to be getting further and further away from her. She saw her Brother's mind break in fragments, but she still loved him. She knew that she was the only one that would; she was the only one that could live with him, the only one that could love him for everything he was. So she went through the training, even though she hated them so much. Her love for her Brother grew with every passing day when she could not see him.

She faced everything within the training, everything was impounded within her mind. She had made her first kill at the age of seven. She cried for days after the incident. It was the last time she ever cried. It was the time she received that bow she always wears on her hair: it was given by her Sister and the color was chosen by her Brother. She will not forgive anyone who touches the bow in her hair, save for her older siblings. To her, that is the solid proof that her Brother loves her just like she loves him. And that is the reason why she never cried again. As long as the bow is secure in her hair, it is a shield of protection and security around her.

She is one of the best Guards around, letting nothing impede her from completing a mission and showing no hesitance when disposing of someone. Her intense training has given her all her abilities and she was assigned to guard Toris under the command of her Brother. Though she dislikes it, she does what he says.

Other Important Info:
^ Her attire is usually a dress, making it very easy for her to hide weapons underneath. Plus it lowers the guard of people around her due to her physical attributes, despite the fact that the others knows that she is lethal as poison.
^ Her weapon of choice are knives, but she enjoys using guns as well.
^ She's very talented with her words, having writing detailed love letters to her Brother every single day and writing death threats to everyone else who is near her Brother and hurting her Sister.

Roleplay Sample:

I do not wish to do this any more...

Natalya Arlovskaya walked down the corridors of her household, each step echoing from the hard floors to the empty and seemingly endless hallway. Her dress was covered with blood, streaks of dark red clashing against the clean white and the light blue of her dress.

Please... I... I want to see Brother...

Blood matted her platinum-blond hair, her delicate pale skin seeming to be even whiter against the deep red splattered against her face. Her right hand gripped black hair, a corpse from the Asian Household, and her left hand gripped blond hair, a corpse from the English Household, dragging them across the cold floors. Rich crimson blood were the signs that the corpses left behind them, like a trail of bread crumbs.

I love him.

Her Brother seemed to show interest within these two families. This will not do. She would slowly kill them. This was merely the first step in destroying those two Houses. The sound of the doors closing behind her rang throughout the Household, visiting every place of the large house, as the three disappeared behind thick, brass doors.

And he loves me too.


Timezone: GMT-8
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You read the rules, right?: NOPE. :'DD
Anything else?: I LIKE CAPSLOCK. :'DD And if we ever get an Ivan or an Ukraine, I will most likely alter my history a bit to match theirs.


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Re: Natalya Arlovskaya

Post  Maccheroni on Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:38 pm

Sorry for the wait! Like I told you you would be, you are accepted! I have never seen you as Belarus before, so I look forward to it! Just like you said, if Ukraine and Russia show up and want anything changed, make sure to talk to them about it! Please feel free to start posting and all that fun stuff. I am sure you know how the site works by now!

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