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Sadik Adnan

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Sadik Adnan

Post  Sadik Adnan on Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:25 pm


Full Name: Sadik Adnan
Age: 26
Birthday: October 29th
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Mediterranean
Rank: Head

+Natural-born Leader
+Smooth Talker
+Friendly (Sit down, have a cup of coffee, he insists)

-Ostentatious (Though he would say this is a positive - There's more where that came from...)
-Risky (Gambles with high stakes in all facets of his life. It's all or nothing, baby.)
-Violent compounded with Stubborn

Personality: Command and conquer is the code he lives by and you bet your ass he takes it seriously. If Sadik sees it and likes it, he must have it and will use every mean possible to get it. That said, he is opportunistic and something of a scavenger, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. He likes his women fine and busty, but is a total sleeze bag in his excessive flirtations. Too bad most of those women are whores and have to put up with him. Sure is nice keepin' the pimp hand strong when your family owns the brothel.

Sadik is a lucky man who takes god damn everything for granted in his life. He bases almost all of his decisions off of either common sense or gut instinct. Some would say that's dangerous or illogical, but he would argue that lots of people waste time pining over simple problems with statistics. The only time he's analytical is when worrying about where, and at whom, he's aiming his gun.

Highly competitive, Sadik is not afraid to step on a few, or a hundred, toes in the process to get what he wants. Throw punches first, ask questions later, he's a proactive and physical man when it comes to keeping his family in line. A smack over the head, a good kick in the shin, and nothing like a good roughing up to put someone back in their place. Partly out of respect and partly out of fear is how he runs his family.


Born the first son to a very rich man, one that owned half the Mediterranean's coastline, Sadik was raised to know wealth and power. His family ran a successful gun cartel, providing smuggled ammunition and weapons to mostly Eastern Turkey all while overseeing the Western half of the country's drug trafficking circuit. Sadik was likely breaking laws before he could ride a bike, what with his father being far too passionate about teaching his children how to protect the home and country. His mother turned a blind eye to her husband's family business and was nothing but a doormat, which did nothing to improve a young Sadik's view of women.

At a young age, he dropped out of school to help with his family's business. What was the point of school when he had all the cool cash he could ask for selling off a crate of AK-47s? Sadik was the talk of the town in his teenage years and lived fast and loose with everything he did. When it was time for his conscription, he pulled every string he knew to get out of it, but found himself in a boot camp not long after wheeling and dealing with his father. Shit luck, he supposed, until he was given training in how to be a soldier. Sure, he had known how to shoot a pistol since he could practically walk, but with some training in the art of war, he was almost smug with how stupid his own government turned out to be. He returned home from his two year long contract just in time for shit to hit the fan.

In the span of two weeks, their far off cousin had taken a bullet to the head in Medezka, leaving their foreign outpost unprotected, and the family's arms trade with the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) had been found out. With the government narrowing in on them, Sadik's father told him to get the hell out of the country, and while he was at it, go take over in Medezka before that business venture gets found out, too. A lot of bitching and moaning later, he left Turkey.

In a new, strange city where he barely knew the language, a lot of growing pains started up between him and his new set up. The 'family' didn't know him, he didn't know them, and even if they were distantly related either by blood or bond, he had never led a syndicate by himself in his life. After some initial head-butting however, Sadik took his rightful place and now keeps downtown nice and violent all while trying to kick some neighborhood ass.

Other Important Info:
-He is religious, but very private about it. However, that doesn't mean he won't hesitate to bust some dallama in the jaw for saying a word against the Islamic faith. That whole 9/11 mess did nothing to save him from getting slack about it.

-Hell of a snappy dresser, dressing to impress for every occasion. Don't be surprised if he's got on some 'bling', too.

-Bilingual, and has an accent that's on the thick side.

-Likes to kick Greek ass just for shits and giggles.

-Holds a long-standing grudge against the Russian house.

Roleplay Sample:
Fickle, little maggots always making trouble. This is why he didn't trust anyone who called themselves a double agent, because they always turned out to be a triple one. Son of the police chief, they said, likes money more than justice, they said. Raunchiest bullshit he's heard in a good long time and he's stuck picking up that shit.

Now he's gotta kill pick off the idiot before he hears the police knocking down his door. That already happened back home, Sadik wasn't about to allow it again.

Wielding a .45 magnum right out in the open, his large frame accentuated by a billowing dark coat that scraped the cement every time the pavement dipped down. He wasn't interested in the passer-bys who looked at the man who had the devil's intent in his eye, blinders on as he went. To see someone as infamous as him so close to police headquarters was like watching someone going to commit suicide; you weren't sure if you should stop him or if they were just being an idiot.

The crescent moon above the brick-faced house made him grin wolfishly as he turned a heel, knowing that the two-faced informat would be waiting for Sadik to arrive. Instead of being handed a bag of money in exchange for handing over internal affairs secrets of the city's corrupt police system. Sure enough, those dark eyes spotted the boy, not even out of his teens, standing in the corner as nervous as always. He held a folder in a white knuckled grip, making him shake. It was a pitiful sight when the Turk had a casual grip on the handle of the gun that hid in a pocket. Oh, this kid didn't know what was coming for him.

"O-oh good, you made it,"
"I'm the picture of punctuality, kid,"
"Right. Well, here's the stuff, where's my money?" The boy shuffled in his spot, impatient.

Sadik rolled his eyes, patting the air with his palms to smooth the tension, "Calm your ass, I got it right here,"

With that, he drew out the magnum, but right when he cocked the gun...he heard three others cock, too. Sadik's brows shot up in mild surprise.

Well, fuck.

The boy, and two other men who morphed out of the shadows held a gun to the Turks' skull, chest and gut, respectively. The boy was shaky still, but the other two seemed much more confident. Sadik gave a low growl in his throat, as if irritated and not threatened one drop. That off put the boy who moved to shout and step forward with some mock form of violent intent.

"Yapma!" He barked, the boy going stiff despite not understanding the word. Sadik chuckled, scratching an itch on his cheek like they weren't about to have a gun fight, "Don't pretend you know how to shoot that," He nodded to the men, "Those two do, but you don't, and maybe I can teach you how some other time,"

"How do y-you know that?"
"You learn a thing or two after killing pricks like you,"

With that, the first shot was fired and Sadik had to duck and sidestep to avoid having his chest blown apart. Another duck and a weave and his first bullet hit hard into one of the goons,


His shoulder hit hard into the second man, the whites of his eyes glowing in the dark as his second bullet found his throat.


Then his wild eyes fell on the traitor, lusting for revenge with a grin that curled his lips. Pulling that trigger gave a resounding echo as hot metal split the boy's skull in a spectacular display of blood splatter. Headshot.



Name: JB
Timezone: EST (I live in Canada/America)
MSN/AIM;etc: AIM: FullMetalIdiot1
You read the rules, right?: Blue and silver are my colors~
Anything else?: Whakity, schmakity, dooooo~ Oh yeah and I'm still developing my Turkey. Mind me finding a level characterization.
Sadik Adnan

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Re: Sadik Adnan

Post  Maccheroni on Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:33 pm

You are accepted! I really enjoyed your application, especially the roleplay sample. This looks great, and if you are still developing Turkey, I hope that we can help you make him more awesome for you! Welcome to the site. Please change your name to Sadik Adnan. Feel free to start posting, and maybe join us in the chatbox! Hopefully we can get you some other Mediterranean family members soon!

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Re: Sadik Adnan

Post  Hildemir Beilschmidt on Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:11 pm

Sadik Adnan wrote:A lot of bitching and moaning later, he left Turkey.

Hahaha !! What a nice app to read !!

Looking foward to maybe meet you on the Chatbox !
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Re: Sadik Adnan

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