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Seychelle's App Form

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Seychelle's App Form

Post  Masaki on Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:23 am


Full Name:Selie Chelsie
Age: 16
Birthday:June 29th
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: English
Rank: member

Strengths: Scouting;Able to communicate in a few languages,such as French,German,English;Reads a lot of books,so her knowledge is quite good;Keeps track of what other people around her does;Loyal to the English Family;Able to use swords/knives

Weaknesses: Loves sweet;Afraid of blood,which usually end as a shock for her;Simply adore cute things and her surroundings,which usually caused her to be distracted;Has the ability to space-out at the wrong time possible;Always have a bad morning start,causing her to be grumpy and grouchy first thing in the morning

Personality: She has a cheerful and okay personality.She is a very humble and loyal person if you know her well.Once you and her have a friendly relationship,she considers you as her friend and whatever harm comes,she'll try her best to protect you.Same goes to those in her family.

She has a stable,and OK relationship with other members in the family.She goes along very well with those that are younger than her as she is more of the 'older-sister' type.She tends to be childish brattish when she is with the older ones.

She,sometimes,will actually get angry if something bad happens to her family,or if she was not informed of anything that was important/not important in the family.

You can often find her in a quiet place reading books and novels.She sometimes would read comics/mangas.Sometimes,she would sketched out a drawing.She draws in anime style.She is purely 100% anime fan.

Its best if you don't irritate her early in the morning.During that time of the day,she's practically grumpy and grouchy.

History: She was born in France.She had a family,consisting a younger brother,a older sister,and her parents.When she was 4,her family moved to England,taking her and their possession along.She continued to have a good life.

When she was 13,Her family were murdered while she was in school.The house was pretty much in a mess,and all the valuables are gone.She was,of course,shocked and she went out crying.She had no place to go.Then,teen Francis came,saw and pitied her,and took her into the English House.She had then thrown herself into the world of Mafia.

Other Important Info: Currently nothing.Except for the fact she's a anime fan.

Roleplay Sample:
It was 8 a.m. in the morning.Selie yawn while walking down the hallway.She woke up one hour earlier,and had bathed before she left her room.The hallway was quiet and peaceful.She entered the kitchen to get her breakfast.

"Morning Francis.What's for breakfast?"Selie asked while entering the kitchen.She looked around after no one replied to her."That's weird.Usually he's here half-way done with cooking or sitting on the chairs reading the newspapers.Oh well.Guess I have to look around for food."

She went to the fridge ready to open it,but she stop to read a note stick on the refrigerator door.

'Dear Selie,
Your big brother has gone out with Alfred for awhile.There's some pancakes in the fridge so reheat them.Pour yourself some milk to drink.Oh yeah,by the way,Arthur left you a stack of data in his room for you to sort out.Deadline is tonight 9 p.m.Good luck!'


"Does he always have to worry about me that much?I can handle myself...Jeez...And Arthur always have to put stress on me first thing in the morning.I better go heat up my food and finish them fast so I can start work earlier."

She immediately heat her food,pour her drink and then she started to eat her food as fast as she could.

Few minutes later,after she finish washing her plates and cup,she walked out of the kitchen and immediately headed to Arthur's study/work room.Selie entered the room without bothering to knock,since Arthur's still sleeping anyway.She then proceeded to stare at the size of the stack of data,waiting on the ever neat table.IShe sighed and walked over to his seat,and sat down on it.

She rolled up her sleeves of her jacket and took a deep breathe,and she exhale.

"Let's get started,then!"


[color=Khaki]You read the rules, right?:CyanOr Blue
[b]Anything else?:
[list]I hope the roleplay sample is okay with you...[*][list=1][*]


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Re: Seychelle's App Form

Post  Maccheroni on Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:47 am

Sorry for the wait! You are accepted. Only thing is, make sure to talk to Francis about taking her in to make sure that he wants the same background story. If worse came to worse, you would just have to say it was a different person. Also, but watch your spacing. Please put a space after periods to make it easier to read. Thank you! Your portrayal of Seychelles is cute. Please make an account with the name Selie Chelsie and start posting! Maybe even join us in the chatbox~

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