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❝Feliciano Vargas//North Italy❞

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❝Feliciano Vargas//North Italy❞

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:14 am


Full Name: Feliciano Vargas
Age: 17
Birthday: March 17th
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Roman
Rank: Heir

✔Can run really fast
✔Friendliness/People skills
✔Household tasks
✔Has good aim

✘Not physically strong
✘A bit selfish
✘One track mind
✘Short attention span

Feliciano has a bubbly personality, but can be air headed at times. He is always cheerful and can act a bit childish. Most of the time he is very optimistic, though that can falter sometimes depending on the situation on hand. Either way, he would still tell people he is always happy because he doesn't want to worry them. Although Feliciano is certainly a kind person, he doesn't like to take no for an answer and likes getting his way which can make him be a bit selfish sometimes. He can be a suck up to get what he wants, but he really doesn't mean it badly. On top of that, a one track mind at times doesn't help.

The Italian is very sociable and loves bothering people into talking to him even when they really don't want to. Some of his favorite people to talk to are cute girls, who always seem to giggle and listen intently to everything he says. Though, half the time, he doesn't really know what to do with them once he gets them. Girls are easily charmed by his cute personality and innocent face. Luckily for him, this technique works on both genders for various things, not just getting cute girls.

Growing up, he was always a bit dependent on others and never grew out of the habit. Most of the time he won't refrain from asking for help from others. Feliciano is certainly a well known crybaby and coward. He panics and gets intimidated all too easily. He hates any type on confrontations and avoids those at all costs. It is probably for the better, he isn't physically strong. Even if he is aware of it, Feliciano doesn't do much to improve. It is just the way he has always been, and he is fine with that.

Perhaps since it is the opposite, he is great at household tasks. Feliciano would make a good housewife, Even if he is good at them, he can be lazy when he wants to be. He is also good at following directions....when he wants to. Sometimes his short attention span and rather hyperactive tendencies get the best of him.

Feliciano is known for his love of, and addiction to, all shapes and forms of pasta. He also holds a fondness of pizza. Since food is so important to him, he is a very picky eater and likes the best. Another of his greatest loves is art. Ever since he was younger, it was always something he naturally excelled at. Still, despite kid kindness, Feliciano is the kind of person that will tell you your painting you think is a masterpiece would have looked better with different color scheme or focus point or point out flaws with a smile. After all, criticism on that kind of thing helps, right?

Overall he can come off as a bit of an annoying person. If he likes you, it is likely personal space isn't an option; he clings. Feliciano also tends to talk with lots of hand motions, and has a small verbal tic where he says "ve". He has always had it, so it doesn't bother him really, but it can be irritating at first. Really though, he is just a big ball of fluff who is extremely friendly and loves people. He makes an excellent friend and though he might not be able to handle standing up for them physically, he can be a good listener.

Feliciano didn't choose mafia life, it chose him. There was really nothing he could do to have a say in it, he was just born into the family. Both of Feliciano's parents were very young when he was born. Some would say too young, but that wasn't anyone else's business. Surprisingly, not just one son was born. Feliciano had a twin brother, born only minutes before, making Feliciano the younger of the two in his mind. Before he was born, his father was the heir to the Roman family. Sadly, he was killed, along with Feliciano's mother. This happened when both boys were very young, and it was a devastating loss for the family. Their grandfather was their new guardian. He was already extremely close to his grandfather, but now that he was his everything, Feliciano was very clingy and grew up close to him.

He was made the new heir to whatever the family business was. When he was young, he really had no clue what it was. He was clueless and innocent, perhaps a bit too much. As he got older and learned the truth, Feliciano only became more and more nervous over the subject, and wondered why on earth his grandfather would chose him for something like that. It was no secret that Feliciano was a crybaby who hated any kind of confrontation. He really hated it. All the training for things he didn't even want to do was frustrating, but he did it for his grandfather. Though he whined and complained, and often ran away from anything he didn't want to do, he loved him.

Still, he is still petrified of everything, even to this day. Deep down, he doesn't want what happened to his father to happen to him. He is proud of his grandfather and all the hard work that everyone puts into things, but doesn't feel like he fits in very well. He constantly has to be watched for his own safety and can be a bit of a nuisance. As he got older, he was at least able to become decent with weaponry, but still prefers just talking to people and trying to scare them rather than actually hurting anyone. Still, he will try to act tough when he has to. Sometimes he can get into it but most the time he fails. Feliciano's reasoning is always he has to do it to protect his family, as it is super important to him.

Other Important Info: n/a at the moment~

Roleplay Sample:
This wasn't fun. Not in the least bit, no matter what angle he looked at it from. Feliciano couldn't even remember the last time he was asked to do a job by his family, nor did he really want to. People always told him he as lucky to be an heir, and have good training. He was young and reckless in actions all the time, and not exactly cut out for the job. Yet here he was, standing in an alleyway with a gun in his shaking hands, pointed at a man who was currently looking at him with fear in his eyes. People never looked at him like that...that very fact scared Feliciano. He had caught him off guard on his way walking home, just as his family had planned out over the past month. The other male was defenseless, It was going to perfect.

So why couldn't he pull the trigger?

All he could do was stand there and stare, imagining himself there. He had enough guns pointed at him in his lifetime to know it was a horrifying experience. Unlike this man though, he was fine. He had to do this now before the man snapped out of it, or it would end badly for Feliciano himself. It didn't matter if he had bodyguards around the corner waiting on his every move to protect him. After all, he was the beloved heir of the household, and a known weakling. He wasn't allowed out on his own to things like this. "I'm sorry..." he said quickly, in a little more than a whisper while aiming for the man's head.

Feliciano closed his eyes as his fingers tightened on the trigger of the gun, until a bang was heard, followed by an eerie silence. It only increased the nauseated feeling in his stomach. Slowly, he opened his eyes, not liking what he saw at all. Blood, and the man was no longer standing...or even moving. Standing there for a moment, he just took in the scene, not knowing what to do other than stare. He could feel the tears welling in his eyes.

'Run Feliciano. Run.' was what is brain told him, but it took his body a moment to get the message. With one last glance, he fled back to the men waiting for him. They were proud. He felt like a monster. He was crying openly now, unable to hold it back as he followed the others. Maybe that made them a little less proud. On the car ride home, he silently prayed for the man whose life he took away.


Name: Caitlin
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You read the rules, right?: Mmm, I like green!
Anything else?: I love you. I am really happy to have this place back. I hope all the hard work pays off for us. ♥

Ummm it is hard to make applications without a South Italy around. When one shows up, I can change anything you want. I made them twins because of ages and stuff, I just figured it would be easier. Plus that is how it was on the old forum.
Feliciano Vargas

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Re: ❝Feliciano Vargas//North Italy❞

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:28 pm

Accepted, of course.

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