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Elizaveta 'Hungary' Hedervary

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Elizaveta 'Hungary' Hedervary

Post  Hungary on Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:13 pm


Full Name: Elizaveta Hedervary
Age: 21
Birthday:June 8
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: German
Rank: member

Strengths: Elizaveta has always been surprisingly strong for a girl, and especially so now as a woman of her age. It comes as no surprise being the cook of the house and being of this family, that her love for cooking translates into her love for violence as well. Hungary has personally designed all of her weapons from common day cooking untensils, all of which are quite strangely effective. As a knife thrower she is deadly accurate, and as a gun marksmen she is average, but who needs accuracy when the gun your carrying is a desert eagle? An above average cup size can sometimes be an advantage while trying to get her way, she is not afraid to flaunt them when necessary.
Weaknesses: Elizaveta is prone to having a very short temper, this often get's her into more trouble than anything else. Her yaoi and yuri fantasies often tends to occupy her mind more often than not, and very often tends to distract her from more important things. Despite her physical strength, she doesn't take hits very well, a few well placed punches will easily knock her down. Having an above average cup size is also a weakness in regard to running and maneuvering, they tend to get in the way a lot. Weilding a heavy gun such as a Desert Eagle prevents high movement while firing, with out a firm stance and two hands on the gun, she will most likely hurt herself firing.

Personality: Elizaveta first and foremost LOVES to cook! Breakfast, Lunch, and especially Dinner, meal time brings the family together, good food and full belly's keep family morale in high spirits even in the worst of times. However, a Mafia family means no ordinary up bringing, it should come as no surprise that she learned to love violence at a young age. This love for violence and love for cooking often times merges as the majority of her kitchen utensils, even the most harmless looking ones can and will be used as deadly weapons. She is an educated, charming and sweet young woman with an extreme obsession with gay and lesbian sex fantasies. Often these fantasies come out in the form of erotic short stories usually involving people she knows, including other family members. Elizaveta herself is a lesbian and not afraid to admit it. She loves girls and often teases the boys of the family by making out with girlfriends in front of them.

History: Elizaveta is the second youngest of the family, adopted by Germania when she was still a new born. By the time she was four years old she had already begun basic hand to hand combat training under her Father's tutelage. Around the same time she found a stack of old cookbook's in the attic while playing hide and seek with Ludwig. It wasn't until two days later that she was found, still in the attic with a cook book open in her lap sleeping peacefully. After that day it was nearly impossible to remove her from the Kitchen, she was always cooking.

At the age of six she began schooling in a private school for girls, not wishing to dishonor her family name she always worked hard to get the best grades. For many years her life consisted of cooking, training,school, and sleep, until the day she met her first love, Corina. In truth, from the moment she met Corina she was fascinated, but it was Corina who made the first move. At fourteen years old she bravely stood before her family announcing her relationship, with Corina at her side. To her delight the announcement was met with acceptance and open arms.

Present day, although her relationship with Corina lasted only a short time she continued to date exclusively girls. It is still nearly impossible to remove Elizaveta from the kitchen when she starts cooking. When not cooking or training, she is usually teasing her brothers – especially Gilbert most often chasing him with a knife in hand.

Other Important Info: anything else we should know?

Roleplay Sample: must be at least the character you are roleplaying here please
Elizaveta pulled open the oven peering inside and reaching in with two gloved hands pulling out one of the cake layers she had started from scratch an hour earlier, placing it upon the stove top. She groaned softly watching Gilbert approach out of the corner of her eye, he always liked to start trouble when she was baking! Continuing as if she hadn't noticed him she hummed a soft little tune to herself reaching into the oven once again to pull the other layer placing it to the side of the first, noticing Gilbert's grimy fingers attempting to dip into HER frosting. In an instant she grabbed a small knife from the stand, throwing it at his sleeve pinning his arm down just in front of the bowl. She grabbed a frying pan having above the stove walking over to him.

“Gilbert how many times have I told you, Your more than welcome to some cake AFTER it's finished, until than...” She began to beat him over the head with the pan “KEEP YOUR GRUBBY HANDS OUT OF MY FROSTING”


Name: Steve
Timezone: EST
MSN/AIM;etc: AIM: KamiAizen FB:
You read the rules, right?: Red! No Blue! No uhmmmmm SKITTLES! Yea!
Anything else?: Taste the Rainbow!


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Re: Elizaveta 'Hungary' Hedervary

Post  Maccheroni on Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:07 pm

Sorry for the wait! You are accepted. I like that you stuck with the kitchen utensils for weaponry like we were talking about before. I don't know why that amuses me so much haha. I am interested on seeing your Hungary interact with Austria since she likes females. Please make an account with the name Elizaveta Hedervary and start posting, and maybe play in the chatbox!

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Re: Elizaveta 'Hungary' Hedervary

Post  Lili Zwingli on Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:15 pm

Hi Hungary!
Welcome to the Forum!
I hope you have fun here!
And I look forward to RPing with you
Lili Zwingli

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Re: Elizaveta 'Hungary' Hedervary

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