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Roderich Edelstein

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Roderich Edelstein

Post  Austria on Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:10 pm


Full Name: Roderich Edelstein
Age: 23
Birthday: October 26th
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: German.

He is the Head of the German Mafia and the head of the family. Although he is Roderich’s grandfather, Hildemir is in his prime and should not be underestimated. He is perhaps the most dangerous man in the family and is difficult to approach, even for his own family members. He treats everyone with equal distance, but Roderich secretly strives to earn his praise and affection.

As the heir of the German Mafia he carries a great responsibility. Roderich recognizes the industrious and hard-working man's status despite his younger age, and he is willing to help him succeed in his future role. Generally he enjoys the other man's austere company, but his own demeanor is too stoic to show it.
Gilbert is the bane of Roderich's existence. The scheming detective manages to rub him the wrong way no matter what he does, as if he has a sixth sense for it. The Austrian doesn't resist the temptation to retaliate either, even if it gets in the way of business. However, Roderich respects the Prussian's role as guard of the German House.
The hitman of the family. Vash is a loyal, crafty young man and Roderich knows to respect his precision with firearms. However, the relationship between them is tense and likely to explode into an argument at any moment, ticking like a time bomb.

Roderich has known her since childhood and they are close friends. Back in his school days he learned to trust the audacious young girl, and he still confides in her to this day. Although she appears to be a delicate young woman at first glance, she is a ferocious fighter when provoked.
She is the seemingly innocent computer-whizz of the family, and the youngest member of the German House. Her tech skills are greatly appreciated and she is perhaps one of the few people Roderich doesn’t feel tense around.
This man is a complete mystery to him, but he has heard rumors about drug connections in Amsterdam.

Rank: Member.
Occupation: Bookkeeper, Spy.

Roderich is responsible for the recording of financial transactions within the German House, as far as they are to be considered "on the record". Although he has an aversion to handling weapons himself, he is willing to condone the violence of family members. On occasion he will go out himself to prove himself useful with reconnaissance work, for his stoic demeanor and plain appearance allow him to disappear into a crowd.


Music: Roderich is a piano virtuoso and a talented composer. He has mastered many of the classical instruments and finds music to be the best method of expression whenever words fail. Innocuous: In public his appearance and demeanor will seem harmless and mild. He is a tidy dresser and always polite, so he escapes suspicion that he could be anything but a law-abiding citizen.
Disguise: He is the only member of the German House who does not have blond hair. In fact, due to the brown coloration of his hair and his characteristic curl he is able to easily blend into an Italian crowd once he removes his glasses.
Perfectionism: Once he decides to work on something, he will strive for perfection and stop at nothing less. Roderich can be extremely patient and precise in these situations, even on the cost of his own well-being.
Diplomatic: His expression and mannerism follow etiquette, and he prides himself in eloquence. He can quickly find common interests to discuss and he has an aptitude for conflict resolution.

Obedient: Roderich does as he is told and will not rebel against authority. He completes his tasks for the sake of the House and does not dwell on intrigues.


Contradictory: He is a man ruled by contradictions. What he says will often not be what he does, and the image he projects to the public is not congruent to his true person. Roderich desires for people to hold him in high regards and he will attempt to cover up his "unsightly" flaws in front of others.Physical Condition: Roderich is not very athletic, nor is he well acquainted with fighting techniques of any kind. He is more suited to operate in the background than on the field.

Nonviolent: Aside from being incapable in physical combat, he does not like to get his hands dirty. Roderich will avoid firearms unless absolutely necessary and prefers to let others do the job.
Leisure: Roderich has a tendency to prefer frivolous delights over hard work. In his whimsical nature he is likely to let himself be distracted, and only if he deems a task to be of great importance will he dedicate himself to it.
Chaotic: At first glance, he appears to be a tidy and orderly man. In practice, he will preach neatness and he cannot stand it when others lack order. However, he himself is a master of chaos. His own quarters are a mess and many of his belongings appear to be misplaced, especially his undergarments are scattered all over the place.
Orientation: One of Roderich’s greatest weaknesses is his complete lack of orientation. He relies on GPS systems and carefully marked maps to guide him, for he is unable to tell directions apart.Emotional: Despite his stoic exterior, his emotions are easily triggered. Once he is upset it is difficult for him to calm down.


Roderich follows three basic principles: Obedience, frugality, politeness. Although he strives to project an elegant aristocratic image to those around him, he is in fact stingy and does not always succeed in being as graceful as he tries to be. He is devoted to his family and attempts to support their House in subtle ways. Although he is prone to act pretentious and aloof, he is very concerned about the opinions of others. His cold front is easily breached and he can prove to be a good listener despite his social awkwardness. Roderich cares more about other people than he allows himself to show, for he fears this kind of trait can be exploited. To complete his long list of self-contradictions, the Austrian will frequently seem to have a nagging, negative nature when in fact he is an optimist at heart. To those who learn how to decode his conflicting character, he can be a light-spirited and dedicated friend. To all others he will likely seem to be a snooty, irritable young man.


Roderich enjoyed a blissful, untroubled childhood in a rural Alpine town until the age of seven. He was then sent to an exclusive boarding school in Salzburg to encourage his musical education and he was quick to excel in this field. However, his interest in all other subjects waned rapidly and he was considered an average student at best. In his early teenage years he met a spirited Hungarian girl who became a close friend of his and he spent much of his free time in her company. After graduating from high school he returned home to find his parents missing without a trace. With nowhere else to go he turned to his grandfather and discovered their family had been involved in shady dealings for years. Nevertheless, he joined the family business in hope to find out what had happened to his mother and father.

Other Important Info: Roderich has a sweet tooth. If you leave chocolate unguarded, beware.

Roleplay Sample: (Negotiation scene from a different RP)

The small rolling of the other man's eyes did not escape the Austrian's notice, as well as the increased frown. He mirrored the displeased expression as he began to feel a rise in irritation too. In his opinion, Switzerland was behaving juvenile. But then again he was still a teenager, so this kind of behavior shouldn't come as a surprise.

“Is it really a risk you have to take? The price you will have to pay if this does happen is very high indeed. Despite your high defenses, you will simply be outnumbered. What hopes would you have to fight on two fronts with nations larger than yourself?”

If the aristocrat looked closely enough, he could see small signs of stress in the blond nation's mannerisms. Clearly something about what he had said was getting to him. He wished he could read what was going on in the sharp Swiss mind, for the wheels were certainly turning. When the other man decided on a cup of coffee he poured him one dutifully and set milk and sugar within reach.

“Liechtenstein isn't foolish enough to try and fight. But do you really believe anyone will listen to the ‘voice of reason’ when you two will be but specks on the map of large empires? I can make you an offer. If you support my intentions of claiming Italy before Germany does, I can help ensure you and Liechtenstein are not swallowed up by a neighboring empire. I myself have little interest in conquering you, for battling in the Alps is much too wearisome for me."

Again his eyes focused on Switzerland's expression. It would all depend on what he believed, but it would come as a great relief to Austria if the other man supported him in his cause. In his mind, if Italy submitted to Germany then they were both lost. And the idea of owning coasts along Mediterranean Sea was of course also rather appealing. He sipped his coffee and closely observed the other man's reaction.


Name: Austria
Timezone: GMT+1
MSN/AIM;etc: PM me
You read the rules, right?: Correct~
Anything else?: Thank you for reading.


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Re: Roderich Edelstein

Post  Maccheroni on Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:12 pm

Oooh another application with such nice coding! I love these. You are certainly accepted! I honestly loved your application, and it was a great read! I look forward to seeing more from you, really! Please make an account with the name Roderich Edelstein, and welcome to the forums! Please start posting and maybe join us in the chatbox!

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Re: Roderich Edelstein

Post  Lili Zwingli on Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:16 pm

Yay Family members!
I hope you have fun here!
I look forwards to RPing with you!
Lili Zwingli

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Re: Roderich Edelstein

Post  Roderich Edelstein on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:08 am

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it<3 I've never coded something like this before, but OCD struck me while writing this up. xD

Hello Liechtenstein~ I hope so too, thank you!

I look forward to rping with everyone too!
Roderich Edelstein

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Re: Roderich Edelstein

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