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Intro? ... Was it?

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Intro? ... Was it?

Post  Selie Chelsie on Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:48 pm

Hi! Masaki here. I'm actually an Asian. So yeah. ... So that's probably why you all can't see me here online when you guys are online. xD

I'm 15. Probably NOT the youngest here ... Am I? Moving on from that lame Intro. If you want to add me to MSN or what not. Feel free to PM me.

My other hobbies is probably go online to watch anime,read anime. My life circles around anime. 8D
But I only started RPG-ing Hetalia. Haven't try the others like Naruto,Bleach,One Piece,etc. Wonder if there's Vampire Knight RPG too? /is hammered by someone

Favorite Pairings? MOSTLY YAOI. In Hetalia,
,FrancexSpainxPrussia etc. If normal pairings,
SeychellesxFrance,SeychellesxEngland,SeychellesxCanada etc.

Did I mention that I've only RP either Liechtenstein or Seychelles? xD

...There. Done.
Selie Chelsie

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