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Just news about some changes.

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Just news about some changes.

Post  Maccheroni on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:17 am

I just thought that you guys should know about a few recent changes around here, because I like to keep people informed! In case you have not noticed, a few changes in roles have gone on around here. The old administrator has resigned that position, though they will be staying as our lovely Sweden, which I am glad!

That being said, there were a few minor changes, but I still wanted to inform you all. The new administrator is me under this account, Maccheroni, and I am also Feliciano if you see me there. Like before, Vytautas, also known as Toris is a moderator. And we have one very new addition to the moderating crew since we have so many new members and topics here! Please welcome YOONSEOKO, also known as Yong Soo and Natalya here!

If you have any problems ever and need to private message someone, if you want to get to them, please message these accounts. Preferably, the one listed first, but don't hesitate to talk to anyone in the chatbox or anything under their normal account.:

Maccheroni// Feliciano Vargas

Vytautas // Toris Lorinaitis
YOONSEOKO // Im Yong Soo // Natalya Arlovskaya

Thanks for reading~! We will do our best to keep the site nice for you.

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