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Right-o, Jolly good, Chip Chop

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Right-o, Jolly good, Chip Chop

Post  Arthur Kirkland on Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:54 am


Y-yes! Hello hello, I'm Meru! Some of you may know me as the Former HK, or just That-Jerk-That-Left-Then-Came-Crawling-Back. But the past is in the past so take me back please.

My Arthur is still rough, so please be gentle with him, but don't hesitate to PM me or leave me a note here on how I can change him! Also, I am so bad at English slang ide. Just putting that out there.

So, yes.

EEEE I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH I'M BACK AHHHH -rubs face all over forum-
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