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Hetalia- Another War 2013

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Hetalia- Another War 2013

Post  Keith on Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:53 am


People over the world huddled in fear, they watched as the clocks ticked closer to the so called dooms day. But as the clock ticked past midnight it became apparent that 2012 was going to be in extremly normal year if anything.


People celebrated surviving the year in their reguler boozing and drinking, they had fun all over the globe. And as one countries New Years celebrations came to a close another's started.

It was Europes turn.
The clock ticked.
They cheered.
Then screamed.


A meteor like the ones had killed the dinosaurs all those years ago had come crashing down into mid Euroope sending the world into fammine and hatred for eachother lusting for the power and little resources that the other nations had.

Amogst all this a small nation formed, a nation that stole from others and took weakened nations and turned them into mindless soldiers with strength above any other. This nation stayed in the shadows and was not seen by anyone. Manipulating people into starting another war.

Not another war.


Are you choosing what you do?
Don't trsut your allies.
Are you who you think you are?
And can you win...



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