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Alfred F. Jones

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Alfred F. Jones

Post  Alfred F Jones on Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:21 pm


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Full Name: Alfred F. Jones
Age: 19
Birthday: July Fourth
Gender: Male!
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: English
Rank: Heir


+ Stubborn
+ Strong belief in Justice
+ Never backs down
+ Strength, literally
+ Loyal to those who he trusts
+ Hero mentality
+ When his family needs a fighter, he'll be there to back them up


- When he wants to avoid a situation, he pretends to be ignorant
- Can’t exactly read the atmosphere at times
- A little too stubborn and protective
- Goes to the extreme, risking himself to save others
- Hero mentality
- Really, really loud
- Rushes head first into a fight
- Matthew


Alfred is generally a very energetic young man, bouncing from place to place with a wide grin that lights up a room and tells the world that he’s there and he is not to be ignored. He can be remotely annoying when it comes to this and really, there are times where people might tell him to shut up and be quiet but he won't listen.

Stubborn is one of his main traits, going by what he believes in, what he believes is right and he stands for his sense of justice, calling himself the hero of the world, even if that seems a little stupid to say. Others claim that he of all people cannot say this because they are in the mafia world, and the mafia was not made for those who murder, stealing and the likes. He doesn't care, saying that he'll save those who need saving, that he'll run over anyone who tries to hurt the innocent. It is a naive mindset to have in such a dangerous world.

No matter what he says though, there is a part of him that protests, that says not to act like an idiot and say all these things, rather, why not settle down and listen to those around him? That part of him years to be accepted by others, yearns to earn their respect and not have anyone hate him. He normally shoves that side away, only allowing it to creep up on his mind when he is alone and with his thoughts.

Most of the other time, he is careless, free, not willing to be pinned down by anything or anyone. He loves the occasional fight and usually starts one with people he despises. He doesn't read the atmosphere, sometimes on purpose, sometimes honestly can't read the air. Alfred, unfortunately, has a huge ego, and doesn't really hide the fact that he does. He's prone to flaunting his traits and being annoying over all as well.

He also likes teasing people, Arthur especially, even if that does piss off the head of the family. It's really, half the reason why he does it, just to see his reaction.


His parents died when he was little, in a car accident. After some debate, they took the little boy to the orphanage around the age of four. There, he met Matthew E. Williams, also an orphan and the two became fast friends in the orphanage. Alfred started calling himself a hero in order to protect his new friend in the orphanage.

It was from then, he was 'recruited', although to be honest, it was more like rescued by the English family after he was caught fighting with an older man in the streets, although to this day, no one really knows why. He was offered to join the family, the head at the time seeing potential in the boy, but he refused at first, clinging to his friend in the orphanage.

Only after he was told that Matthew would join him, was he okay with joining the English family, quickly proving his worth and made heir of the family.

Other Important Info:

He has the weirdest obsession with hamburgers and can usually be seen with one in his hand. He loves to eat them, talk with his mouth full and also drink soda. He is extremely protective of those he cares and loves for and also has a strange obsession with aliens. Well, after all, he does have a alien toy fondly named Tony.

Roleplay Sample:

Gunshots filled the air as Alfred ducked behind a building, breathing heavily. As he did so, his eyes narrowed with determination. His orders were to retrieve the information left inside a building that could harm his family but after some investigating, the bastards actually were planning on killing the person who was coming to get the info, which was Alfred. They had hostages too, against the English family, in case the victim actually chose to come. He had orders that told him to stay away from that area but really, was he supposed to leave them alone to die?!

No! Not while he was a hero, and not while he could still shoot and fight! Running down the pathway, he noticed the men shooting towards him and leaped out of the way, hiding behind an overturn desk. Growling, he ran forward and punched the man across his face then elbowed the other out of the way.

Sprinting now, towards the door, he grinned then shouldered it rather hard, pulling out another pistol strapped to his hip as he did so. "The hero has arrived!" he shouted loudly, aiming his gun to shoot into the void. When he heard men gag, he grinned a little viciously then arrived where they were holding the hostages. "Alright," he spoke, blue eyes sparkling with rage. "Let them go, and since I'm the hero, I'll let you go."

Needless to say, he got an earful from everyone about risking himself, the heir to the English family, in such a manner, but inwardly, he grinned. He was a hero, that's why he did everything the way he did!


Name: Shiotashi, Sheep
Timezone: Pacific
You read the rules, right?: Blue and white~
Anything else?: Reapplying here from the previous boards, but hope to have fun here! <3
Alfred F Jones

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Re: Alfred F. Jones

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