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Rewrite: Animal Talia

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Rewrite: Animal Talia

Post  Animal on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:27 pm

Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, the whole nine yards.


This is just the beginning of the chaos.


Welcome to Animal-talia, a revamped and redesigned site based on the anime series, Axis Powers Hetalia. The site is based on the fundamental idea that the Hetalia characters have animal ears and tails to wings and claws. However, this board isn't set in any certain plot or certain characters. This is a free-for-all rp that inspires creativity. AU's, World Wars, Past, Present, and Future, we got them all. We have a simple application and a 200 word count. Animal-talia is a advanced literate site, and are accepting Canons and OC's. We are a fun and active place, and we wish to have a community that is happy and exciting to be in.


Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!


Come in, and stay awhile, and when you leave, we're sure you'll have pet hair stuck to you like a second skin.


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