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Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya

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Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya

Post  Ukraine on Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:06 am


Full Name: Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya
Age: 28
Birthday: August 24
Gender: Female
Is this an application for a first or second character: Second

Family: Russian
Rank: Member, ex-spy

~Works to get things done
~Very motherly
~Her ability to act in a second
~Helping out with business when needed

~Bit of a cry-baby
~The limp in her leg
~Fighting over her chest
~Her family
~Unable to help her family at times

Personality: Katyusha is a pure hearted woman that works to make sure her family is cared for before herself. She was once a spy but was no longer to do field work over an accident so she helps around the house. Her motherly ways make it so that her family members stay out of trouble but her cry-baby ways make it hard for her to be serious when she wants to be. She is sweet to everyone that she meets which probably makes her family worry but she loves to help anyone out.

History: Being the first born Katyusha was raised first to be the heir since it was always normal for the first child to take over and work to take over the family business. But when her brother Ivan was born she was pushed to the side and the responsibility was placed onto his shoulders. Katyusha never liked her brother under that nature but there was nothing that she could do since she was only a woman.

Katyusha mostly took care of her siblings since their parents were harsh on them. She never liked how their parents treated them so over her kind heart she showed them love that their parents hardly show them. She loved her siblings and let them know that.

But during an assignment that was given to her she was badly hurt. She wants to help the family but knows that Ivan refuses to let her help. She knows that it is because he loves but she wants to help the family out in any way she can. She helps mostly around the house, cooking meals, making sweets, and that everything runs smoothly. She doesn’t want anything to bother her working siblings so she tries to make sure that household things don’t bother them.

Other Important Info:
*She likes to be called Katyusha more than Yekaterina
*She wears a headband to keep her short hair out of her face while she is doing things around the house along with a few bobby pins for her bangs.
*She has back problems over her large chest and a slight limp in her leg from the accident of her left her staying at home.
*She made a scarf for Ivan that she made for him when winter was getting to him and his other scarf was missing.

Roleplay Sample:
Humming was heard as a woman walked down the hall with a basket in her arms. It was laundry day and the woman was making sure clothes were washed and dried for her family. She knocked on a door and walked in looking to see if the room was empty which it was. She gave a smile and placed the clean clothes in a dresser before walking out closing the door gently. The next door made her give a sad smile as she winced getting down to put the clothes away. She gave a tiny yelp getting up making sure not to alert anyone.

She gently rubbed her leg. “Please don’t act up,” she whispered. “You were being so good today!” She picked up the basket wincing at her back before walking out to finish the laundry. “I wonder what Ivan and Natalia would like for dinner?” She paused to tilt her head. “I shall make their favorites today! Work has been so difficult for them; I shall make everyone’s favorite!” She gave a happy smile and hum as she planned for a special dinner.


Name: Laura, but you can call me by my character name ^^
You read the rules, right?:Da!
Anything else?:I will write it down if anything comes to mind :’3


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Re: Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya

Post  Guest on Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:15 am


Oh my goodness! Katyusha is simply adorable! I am already aware of your skills and activity as Lili. I cannot wait to see how you RP Katyusha. I enjoyed reading your RP Sample and couldn't help but 'Aww' at her leg pain and smile widely upon her decision of making her siblings' favorite dishes. I know that you will portray Katyusha nicely and I look forward upon seeing how she interacts with the Russian Household as well as everyone else!


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Re: Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya

Post  Katyusha Braginskaya on Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:29 am

Thank you!

I believe I will have a lot of fun Rping Katyusha!
Katyusha Braginskaya

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Re: Yekaterina "Katyusha" Braginskaya

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