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Lien Trieu //Finished!//

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Lien Trieu //Finished!//

Post  Lien Trieu on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:45 pm

(( Will come back and finish and edit later ouo Til then put up with my WIPness~ ))


Full Name: Lien Anh Trieu
Age: 20
Birthday: September 2nd
Gender: Female
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Asian
Rank: Guard

+Martial Arts
+Physical Prowess
+Well Educated
+Fast Learner
+Has 324924394824284 beserk buttons
+Overly Emotional
+Thoughtless and Impulsive when Angry
+Small Stature

Lien has strong opinions and feelings and makes sure everyone knows what she thinks one way or another. She’s gruff and rather touchy—easily flustered, angered, and embarassed, but difficult to please. Above this she’s extremely proud, taking pride in everything she does, and her ego is hard to hit. She believes she knows what’s best for everyone and it’s a challenge to make her think otherwise. Lien also likes to learn things, anything from how to assemble a gun to some kind of new language, and holds education at a very high level. She also holds grudges for long periods of time, most of which culminate regularly in violent or aggressive confrontations which she is not at all afraid of. She likes to tease, but doesn’t realize when she’s being cruel—though she takes pleasure in teasing and getting reactions. What's different from that is when she purposefully mocks someone to get them to lose their edge, using someone's insecurities, thoughts and past against them is a specialty of hers. Because of this, she loves hearing any information about anyone, but doesn't like to do that to people unless the situation truly calls for it. Her biggest beserk button is when someone is being nosy—or worse, someone, especially someone she doesn’t hold in high respect, is ordering her to do something and actually expecting her to do it. She gets quite out of hand when someone tells her to do something she doesn’t want to, reverting to a childlike manner of throwing a little bit of a temper tantrum in contrast to her usually mature demeanor. Lien doesn’t like to be bound to anything save the Asian family and the few values she believes to be incredibly important. She has a burning desire to always be free and do whatever she wants, yet she respects most of her superiors and mostly plays the good subordinate. Though she manages to look cool and collected, plotting and logical most of the time, it breaks down easily if she’s pissed off. Lien also finds it difficult to trust people, and can be exaggeratedly paranoid at times. Thus it takes her a while to warm up to people whereas it takes two minutes to declare she hates someone with every fiber of her being. Lien has great ambition and will fight, argue, scratch eyeballs out, or do anything to get what she wants if she wants it that badly. Though she keeps a check on what is honorable and moral, there are circumstances in which she will not hesitate to sink to low levels in order to succeed.
She can be extremely possessive and loyal to someone she cares for, and enjoys teasing them. She’s fiercely protective of her family and anyone else she takes a liking to or has respect for, and will literally take a bullet for them then eventually later laugh it off like it didn’t matter at all. She also gets jealous easily. Besides this, Lien does have a notable feminine side she’s not completely ashamed of. She likes to do nails and hair as well as go shopping when she’s not surrounded by her family, and also likes kids but has no idea how to treat them correctly. She fancies herself the awesome older sister of the Asian family who knows what’s best for everyone. However, she usually finds her ‘siblings’ aggravating and argues with them about the most trivial things.

History: Lien was born in Vietnam as the only child to a more prosperous couple, and educated as well as constrained from when she was young. Her parents and teachers were rather strict and domineering, and Lien didn’t get to have much fun in her youth. As such, when sent abroad at 16 to learn more due to her grades and potential, she became a bit wild. Her own mistakes and misguided decisions as she became more and more involved with the underground world caused her many problems until she was fairly broke and at a loss for what to do. When she was 18 she found her place with the Asian family and worked her way up, quickly adapting to the kind of life she now has, and warming up to those in the family.

Other Important Info:
• A bit of a drunk-- Lien has secret stashes in her room and enjoys heading to the bar once in a while for a drink, especially when upset by something. She's rather gloomy and ranty when drunk, as well as tending to throw fits, so most people tend to steer clear of her when she's intoxicated. She does make sure not to drive drunk though, usually heaping the responsibility of getting her home on a reliable sibling.
• Crazy driver. She can escape anything chasing her if she's in an automobile of any sort, but it's dangerous to be in a car if she's driving. Lien would have a pile of tickets to pay if she wasn't in the Asian family. She has a motorcycle she takes if she's going anywhere solo.
• Speaks Vietnamese, French, Russian, and English. Lien still considers the Western culture to be inferior to Vietnam, though.
• Has absolutely no idea how to treat someone who is genuinely kind to her.
• Hates the cold, and interestingly enough, despises being by herself. She greatly enjoys being alone as in taking breaks from people, but would hate to be without anyone to go to. She likes the feeling of belonging and holds it dear.
• Unlike more laid-back siblings, she tends to not get close to people from opposing families but once in a while it might happen if she likes someone well enough. She doesn't let personal things get in the way of her duties, though.
Roleplay Sample:

This shouldn’t be so difficult…! Lien thought bitterly, clenching her fists tight and briefly searching the area for the irritatingly elusive target. One person had seemed so easy to catch, however, Lien was admittedly not all that quick on her feet, and the bustling crowds of China Town made such excellent obstructions. The petite Asian guard was beginning to become unneccessarily aggravated with her situation, which was steadily on its way to becoming dire— this double agent equipped with their information, out on the streets of the city, eager to sell imperative knowledge to the enemy…

Worse, Lien knew if she could just catch the man, there’d be absolutely no fight; she’d mercilessly thrash him. Twice. Once for crossing her family, and secondly for condemning her to this actionless goose chase on such a freezing morning. Begrudgingly shoving through noisy crowds, blocking out the usual morning cacophony, losing him just when she found herself close—it was becoming dreadfully arduous, and Lien’s endurance and patience were quick to dissipate.

She had a gun strapped to her body, but her aim was also not the best, and there were too many crowds; a civilian casualty was never, ever a good thing, even under the most serious circumstance. Therefore, it was a chase, and Lien was losing, but not even close to admitting defeat. He was far off, yes, but the man was in her sights and she refused to relent, in any case, until her knee was in his face or something equally painful happened to him by he hand.

((Yeah, woah, three iffy paragraphs… I was going to go farther but I figure this is good, yeeeeah? About as good as I get when it comes to random sample posts, oops… /end ))


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Re: Lien Trieu //Finished!//

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:01 am

Accepted. ^^

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