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Borderline- A Hetalia RP

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Borderline- A Hetalia RP

Post  Enyo on Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:48 pm

[blockquote]It's been twenty years since the start of the end of the world. It started with the 12 incidents. Religious started to cry and non religious started doubting their sanity. No one knew if it was the rapture or the end of the world.

Crazily, people started outing their own countries, and the personifications, immune for the most part from this crazy virus. They were rounded up and hauled off a facility.

Some call it the borderline between living and dying. Some call it the borderline between humane and inhumane. However the people here call it one thing. Hell.


Hetalia Borderline is a literate roleplay. We have a somewhat short Application, and a 200 word count. It takes place in a apocalptic setting where a virus has wiped out much of humanity. The humanity left have turned on their partly immune personified nations, and are experimenting on them to find the so called cure, in Borderline Research Facility. Are you going to submit to the humans that represent you, or escape and leave them?



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