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Peter Kirkland

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Peter Kirkland

Post  Peter Kirkland on Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:08 am


Full Name: Peter Kirkland
Age: 16
Birthday: September 2
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character:First
Family: Nordic
Rank: Heir
  • Confident
    Stronger than he looks
    Dreams big

  • Impatient
    Not incredibly bright
    Short temper
    A bit clumsy
    Prone to violent outbursts
    Will whine or cry when overly frustrated
    Very childish at heart

Peter is a feisty and rambunctious young man. Always on the go, he tends to wear people around him out with his constant activity. He usually will have a grin on his face, and tends to charge into situations without thinking things through. Peter likes to think of himself as invincible, moreso than most boys his age. Being the heir to a powerful mafia family in the Eastern district of the city, he thinks nothing can stop him from attaining his goals and winds up drawing trouble to himself like iron shavings to a magnet. While brash and outspoken around others, at home with his adoptive fathers he becomes more quiet and reserved, preferring to spend as much of their short times together as possible. While not good at studies, he is active and very fit. Many young men who thought to pick on a skinny boy with fuzzy brows find Peter is not such an easy target. Having a terrifying father looking out for him doesn't hurt when he bites off more than he can chew. The only person outside his family he has a soft spot for his is best friend Raivis Galante, and on more than one occasion Peter has snuck to the Russian Manor to see his soft-spoken friend.
Peter was born to an English mother and father, but not any ordinary couple. He was the youngest son of the Kirklands, who ruled as heads of the English mob. He was raised in the shadow of his much older brother, Arthur. Growing resentful of being the second child and not having a chance to become heir to the house, Peter ran away from home when he was seven years old. Having never seen much of the city, he soon found himself alone, hungry, lost, and very frightened. His surprising rescue came in the form of a kidnapping. Word had gotten out that the Kirklands had another child, and a member of the Nordic house, Berwald Oxenstierna, had obtained a photo of Peter. Finding the child alone and helpless, he took him off the streets and stole him away to the Nordic Mansion.

Berwald's plans to hold him for ransom and gain advantage over the English house failed though. Refusing to acknowledge Peter as their child, the Kirklands faked their second son's death and refused to pay anything. Peter feared his life to be over, but his luck took a turn for the better. Berwald had slowly become fond of the boy, and decided to adopt him, since he now had no family. Even more fortunate, a kind Finnish man named Tino Väinämöinen adopted him as well, giving Peter two new and doting parents. Not long after joining their family, Peter's nature appealed to the head of the Nordic house, and he was appointed as the heir.

Growing up with his new family for nine years, Peter is now what he believes to be a true man of the Nordics, with Viking's heart and the might of Odin behind him. He plans to become the Head of his household and take over the Underworld, ruling a vast criminal empire.
Other Important Info:
Peter doesn't like to be called a Kirkland, though his parents never changed his legal name. He refers to himself in the third person all the time, and likes to try and impersonate people to sneak into meetings he shouldn't attend. If he ever by chance sees his erstwhile brother Arthur, he throws a violent hissy fit and will attempt to harm the elder through whatever means available.
Roleplay Sample:
Peter walked the halls of his home, gazing fondly at the rich tapestries and carvings depicting scenes from ages and worlds long since past. He stopped before his favorite, the depiction of the great Valhalla, final resting place of might warriors and heroes. Peter's blue eyes hungrily drank in the mighty wooden hall, filled with the Norse gods of legend and ancient Vikings whose names history had never forgotten. He saw the Valkyries, the Warrior Maidens and Choosers of the Dead, ascending, leading a fallen fighter to his rightful place among the chosen.

Sighing with longing for such glory, he relunctantly continued down the empty hall, the sound of his shoes echoing with solid clicks and taps. The paneled carvings of ancient weapons and terrible beasts were his only companions but for the various paintings which became less pleasant as he walked. Scenes of Ragnarok, vibrant and terrifying, or a rendering of the frigid and desolate landscape of Hel loomed from the walls and Peter didn't look up. He had never liked those ones. Finally, he reached the room he'd been looking for. Quietly opening the grand doors, he stepped into a cool musty room full of painting very different from the ones in the hall. Here, there were only portraits. Very important portraits; these were the heads of the Nordic crime syndicate, dating back to its very beginning. Peter liked to come here and see his predecessors. Olaf, Leif, Hans, so many.... he looked to his mentor's portrait, the newest and most carefree and colorful one yet. He smiled to himself; one day soon, there would be a new portrait in here, with a bright shiny plaque beneath it that read... "Peder... Peder Oxenstierna."


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Re: Peter Kirkland

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I was waiting for you. Approved! ^^

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