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Swords and Gun Play

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Swords and Gun Play

Post  Berry on Fri May 27, 2011 8:51 pm

In the beginning, there was one dominant group of the mafia in Soul Society; the Shinigami. They were the group to be feared. Their mafia was so large, each section had their own Head that monitor things in their territory, and all of whom answered to one man. But, even with the concept of the mafia being old-fashioned, there was plot against them from behind closed doors; by their own men, no less. One man found out about about the soon-to-be-betrayal and reported it, causing the rebels to flee from the mafia. These rebels came together to form a new mafia; The Hollows.

The one that reported the rebels, Isshin Kurosaki, left the Mafia after seeing what it was becoming, and growing tired of watching it deteriorate from its once was glory. But, with his retirement, the Hollows began to attack. This caused Isshin to rethink his game plan, especially when they attacked his own family.

Isshin knew then that he could never truly leave the world of the Mafia, but he didn't want to rejoin the Shinigami. So, instead, he decided to created one of his own. Unsure of how to run a mafia by himself, he called upon his old boss to help him. With his old boss's leadership, he created his own Mafia, and deemed it the Karakura. With the Shinigami as his Ally, will Soul Society ever be the same?

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