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Full Name: ImYongSoo
Age: 17
Birthday: August 15
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Asian
Rank: Member - Diversion (Provides distractions, gathers attention, etc.)

+Flexible (due to parkour and TaeKwonDo.)
+Good with his hands (knives, picking locks, pickpocketing, etc.)
+Rather fearless, allowing him to dive into any situation without hesitation
+TaeKwonDo/Some other Martial Arts (not learned properly though)
+Good reflexes

-Sensitive ears
-Emotions can be like a rollercoaster
-Has a tendency to let things go through one ear and out the other when he hears something he doesn't want to hear: basically he hears the things he wants to hear or shifts the words into something he likes
-Falls easily to things he likes (Compliments, Sweets, etc.)
-Can unintentionally say something in a negative aspect to the other when he means good/Can't word his thoughts properly
-Easily gets distracted
-Protective of his family (especially Yao) and his friends

YongSoo has a child-like mentality, making him quite impulsive, curious, and trustful. The three combined makes him to be a quite troublesome and hard-to-control male. He's also rather naive, believing things that he's told, and then becomes extremely flustered when he states the wrong information proudly, absolutely sure he's right, only to hear that it's wrong. His child-like mentality also has him quite clingy and invading of people's space. He likes closeness and the warmth that comes from it. He's relatively innocent, knowing bits and pieces of sexual activity from his time in the streets and a bit from the bar. This child-like mindset of his is quite dangerous for him in the Mafia because he can easily get manipulated and unintentionally bring his family into danger.

He's most likely to bring attention or trouble wherever he goes, which is why his job suits him. He's loud and he'll be doing the things he loves. He loves getting attention, too much in fact, and he's doing just that. It was like this job was created just for him.

He's quite the optimist, seeing the good more than the bad. He speaks his mind, his tone always happy and jocular. Even when he's in a pouting mood, he'll have a smile, albeit a sheepish one. He sulks often, but give him a piece of candy (preferably strawberry-flavored) or any type of sweet and he'll be grinning like he just won the lottery. He gets bored extremely easily and will sneak out of his room, often parkouring from roof to roof of buildings, enjoying the freedom and the lightness it provides. He loves his freedom, more than anything else... maybe except kimchi. This action often leads to lock-down for him though. In which he'll break free and go out... again.

He's quite a troublesome member of the Family, but he's the upbringer of the atmosphere: lightening up the mood with his silly antics. His place in the Asian Family is the child: loud, gullible, and annoying but kind-hearted, playful, and oh-so-fun to tease.


Orphaned at a young age along with his twin, YongSoo knew nothing about his parents: how they looked like, what their names were, nothing. The only thing that was left behind was a necklace (one of each of them): red, blue, and yellow threads intertwined for the chain and hanging from that was a small pendant: a red and blue Yin-Yang look-alike (the center symbol of the S.Korean flag) and a small white star in the middle. Their names were imprinted on the back of the pendant: YongSoo and YunSoo.

They were picked up by a female passerby and they began to work for her bar as soon as they were able to walk and talk properly. Innocent and pleasing to the eye, the two were a good choice. They worked well within her bar: YongSoo, being the sociable, playful one, and his twin, being the silent, hardworking one. But as time passed, the one who took them in soon began to get less income. Someone, interested by the sociable YongSoo, asked her how much he cost. His twin overheard the question and that night, they left after YunSoo killed the one taking care of them. YunSoo just told YongSoo that they would be separated if they stayed any longer and YongSoo was fine with that, a bit sad that he didn't get to say good-bye though.

With that, they lived in the streets. Their range of skills were broadened from living the ruleless streets: pickpocketing for money, picking locks from stores, running away, going over obstacles to lose the ones that were chasing them, etc. Their life continued. YongSoo was happy with this; though he enjoyed the life from before, he enjoyed this lifestyle as well. Freedom and adventure: it satisfied the child within him. But it was different from YunSoo. Bitterness and discontemptment filled him as time passed. One day when YongSoo briefly made a light comment on how YunSoo should listen to him since he was older, that bitterness from the years came out... leading to a huge argument... which then led to a huge fight, a physical fight. Even though YunSoo was younger, he was definitely more skilled in fighting. In the end, YunSoo left YongSoo with a deep stab wound on the right thigh and left shoulder. That left YongSoo with mixed feelings. But he just wrapped some cloth around the wounds and ran away from it all, unable to take it in.

A few days after, the wounds got infected due to lack of treatment and he eventually grew sick. He collapsed on the side of a walkway, where he was found by the passing Yuan. He was taken in and cared for. Extremely thankful to the family, he asked to join. Though he was rejected, he kept coming back over and over again, asking the same question. Eventually, Lien got annoyed and told him that he can join if only he beat her in a fight. They fought and, though YongSoo put up a good fight, Lien was the victor, having more experience and expertise in fighting. Yao, watching the fight, accepted YongSoo into the family, taking notice of the raw talent within him. Grinning, he happily accepted, stating that Yao won't regret his decision in accepting him.

So he now currently resides in the Asian Mafia Family. But time to time, he'll wonder about his former family and especially his twin brother. When that happens, he puts on a set of headphones and listen to music. Due to that, he has taken a habit to listen to music whenever he feels troubled. So there is a set of headphones, connected to a iPhone (so he can get receive orders as well), located around his neck because he'll never know when he'll become troubled.

Other Important Info:
-He has a younger twin brother, YunSoo.
-He has a female tiger cub named SooHan for a pet.
-He has a strange addiction for kimchi and will often be seen eating rice with kimchi. He also has a liking for strawberries or any strawberry-flavored treats.
-He's a lightweight. He's most likely get drunk after the first sip.
-Even though he's very lax, it's an offense to him when people look down on him because he's from the streets and not very educated.
-He has a little verbal tic: he uses either '-yo' or '-da' at the end of his sentences due to his Korean. (Yes, I know it's supposed to be 'da ze' but since I'm Korean, I want it in Korean too. >>)
-His choice of weapon is either his legs or his knives. But he has been seen carrying a rather large case, in which there is a grenade launcher and ammo.

Roleplay Sample:

YongSoo sang along with the music, his ever present headphones over his ears, as he sat at the edge of a roof, swinging his legs back and forth, awaiting orders. He closed his eyes, enjoying the breeze. He cracked open one eye when the music suddenly dissolved into a ringtone. He brightened instantly, this was a ringtone for missions only. He pressed the call button eagerly; he hoped it was the okay to begin. His hope died instantly when he heard that the mission was finished successfully.

"Oh... okay-yo..." he stated sadly. No diverting attention... again. Why were his Family so good at this?! He knew it was a good thing, but he was so bored. He wanted to use his launcher; it was newly brought and he was so eager to test it out. "I'll head back home..." Apparently his disappointment was shown clearly through his tone of voice. He brightened when the voice stated that ice cream was a given because of the mission's success. "ASSA! I'll be home super quickly-da!"

He knew that he could have gotten the ice cream whenever he wanted but it was after a completed mission! He'll be eating ice cream with everyone, something that didn't happen often! He was so psyched for that! Eating ice cream with everyone, it'll be so awesome! He ended the call, the song from before the call playing again. He sang along with it happily as he headed back for home. His mind filled with images of his family having fun and playing while enjoying the cold ice cream; his mood and anticipation only grew and his speed only grew faster.

'They better not eat all the strawberry ice cream!'


Name: KO
Timezone: GMT-8
MSN/AIM;etc: PM me or ask me in the CBox (I'm always there, believe me) if you wish to know~ I'll most likely tell you~ :'DDDD
You read the rules, right?: I don't know... DID I?! Hmmm. OF COURSE I DID~ I RED IT... DARKLY. AHAHA. GEDDIT? /I'm not lame. >>
Anything else?: I'M HAPPY THAT IT STARTED AGAIN~ \o/ <3333

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Accepted of course. And within the time line. ^^

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