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Toris Lorinaitis

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Toris Lorinaitis

Post  Toris Lorinaitis on Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:15 am


Full Name: Toris Lorinaitis
Age: 20
Birthday: February 16
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Russian Family
Rank: Heir

*low profile – only a few know him as the heir
*expertise in chemicals, poisons, and cooking
*ability in fencing and knife combat
*high agility and stamina
*good in stealth and information gathering
*patient and obedient with work and house chores

*lack of ability with guns
*small body build
*sudden personality shifts
*lack of experience with actual missions
*can not talk back against others or state his opinions even though he has the right and power

Toris is a soft-spoken and generally kind man, which makes many wonder why he joined the Russian mafia in the first place. Because of his good nature, many of his enemies underestimate him. Though low-ranking members of his family frequently question his loyalties because of his kind disposition to others, he loves his family to the extent of changing his personality so drastically when provoked. He is a good friend and brother, but he can be cold and ruthless to people who hurt those who are dear to him.

Toris grew up in a family of chemists – his parents and his elder brother worked for an industrial company that was secretly under the control of the Russian mafia. Like the rest of his family, he went to a university and enrolled under a Chemistry program, where he topped most of his classes and was expected to graduate with honors. However, after an enemy attack on the company that killed both his parents and reported his brother missing, he dropped out of college and searched for the last family he had left.

As he learned more about his family's tragedy, he was discovered by the boss of the Russian family, who 'invited' him into the family. Realizing that declining the offer would mean death, Toris accepted the invitation and joined the family in hopes of finding his lost brother. It was not long, though, before he found out that his brother was tortured, and consequently killed, by the enemy mafia. In his rage, he seeked out the main perpetrators, who turned out to be weak enemy grunts, and kidnapped them, torturing and extracting valuable information with the use of his chemical creations – a strong truth serum and an arsenal of pain-inflicting concoctions. This proved to be highly beneficial to the Russian family, and after the event, the leader, who had always been fond of him in a way that he could not understand, appointed him as heir.

Other Important Info:
Toris is a very friendly person and may constantly be mistaken as a 'softie,' but this is only because he refuses to use violence unless necessary.

Roleplay Sample:
Sometimes, Toris wished he didn't join the Russian family.

He was lying on his bed, facing the wall of his new room; he was moved to this one after being appointed heir, a rank he felt he didn't deserve. He remembered the blood-curdling screams of the grunts he tortured – one was man twice his size who, after being injected with a bad dose of his Truth Serum and Solution A6, suffered a plight worse than death. The other, whom he injected with his experimental Solution H8, fell into an odd coma – the man was asleep and unable to move, but the grunt answered every single question Toris threw. He had no idea where the two men were; Ivan found him in the middle of the interrogation, wheezing and suffering a mild trauma from the sudden violence he infilcted, and brought him out of the room with an odd smile. The next morning, he was appointed heir, and that had been nearly a year ago.

He sat up and reached under his bed, pulling out the box that held his most important belongings. After unlocking it with a small key, he pulled out the only family picture he brought from home and stared at the face of his brother. Biting his lower lip as he tried to choke in a sob, he breathed deeply and whispered in the air, “You are avenged, brother...Now, why am I still alive?”
Indeed, that was a question he asked himself all this time. He had no more purpose – his revenge was carried out well, and there was nothing left for him to do. He need not worry for the rest of his new family; they were more capable and more experienced than him, and sometimes he wondered why he was even chosen as heir for such a selfish deed. He couldn't ask Ivan; the man was busy, and, Toris had to admit, he was frightened by his own boss despite the friendly air Ivan shared with him.

That was when he realized what being an heir meant; he had to protect the whole family, especially himself, from possible dangers, and Ivan might have found his odd abilities as important for his – and the mafia's-survival. He was not the best at combat – Ms. Natalya was – and he was not the best at strategy too, but he had a sense of self-preservation and a will to fight, qualities a good heir would need. He put the picture back into the box and locked it away, smiling to a future that held no promises, but a box of surprises that might catch him unprepared. HE may still not be able to convince himself that he was heir, but he knew Ivan trusted him, and he would not let the trust go to waste.


Name: Gai - yes, Gai.
Timezone: GMT 8
You read the rules, right?: I CHOOSE GREEN! And of course, I read the rules!!
Anything else?: Did I do this right? -rushed the app- *sweatdrop* I'm happy we're going to return to work, though! I hope everyone will be happy here!
Toris Lorinaitis

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Re: Toris Lorinaitis

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:44 pm

Of course you did this right. Accepted. ^^

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