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Mei-yan Wang

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Mei-yan Wang

Post  Mei-yan Wang on Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:15 pm


Full Name: Mei-yan Wang
Age: 18
Birthday: October 10
Gender: female
Is this an application for a first or second character: first

Family: Asian
Rank: family member

→ loyal to her Family
→ open-minded
→ empathetic
→ technology
→ creative, a good thinker
→ enjoys reading and learning
→ open-minded to the point of appearing indecisive
→ inexperienced
→ a slight temper
→ physically weak
→ she finds it uncomfortable to be open about herself; she'd rather talk about you than herself

Her full name is Mei-yan Wang, Wang being the name she took from Yao Wang after she removed her original surname; she goes by Mei and rarely do people outside of her Family call her Mei-yan (and even then, her family members seem to prefer Mei nowadays - it's more Western than Mei-yan, in any case). She is a girl who means well but has a tendency of ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. She isn't exactly clumsy, but sometimes when she has a lot on her mind she spaces out; that's also when her temper is very short though she is working on that, really. She knows that she is inexperienced but she is eager to learn, and one day she'd like to take on a larger role in her Family. For one thing, she is very good with her hands and enjoys making computers out of used parts she buys (with her own money) at garage sales in the Slums when she has time to sneak away.

Because of her civilian status, Mei isn't technically allowed to be part of the family and their decisions and meetings. Sometimes she listens in and she has a very good network going on so she is very sharp and aware of the situations going on, even if she isn't part of it. She keeps quiet well, and on the side lives an innocuous enough life as a student at a nearby college. Her favorite subjects are chemistry and computer science not just because she enjoys them but also they may prove useful to her in the (near?) future. In any event, she's quite productive with her time and could be described by others as "happy and optimistic with a careful eye for clothes".

She is a strong-willed girl who was born under an unfortunate system. The only daughter in a family of all boys, she was at once doted and oppressed. She came from a farming family but she was always excluded from work because of her gender and as such, her skin is white and her hands are soft. When she was a teenager, her family lost a very large crop from a typhoon which was both financially and emotionally devastating. Two of her brothers left the family and Mei was sent away to the city to work and send money back home. Which she did, for a bit. Living in harsh conditions with few funds, she eventually was swamped by debt, owing money to creditors (and she had a lot of creditors). Through one of the creditors she discovered the mysterious person of Yao Wang, who for some reason was willing to pay off her debt despite not knowing her at all. She quickly accepted because she was desperate; it wasn't until later that she realized the implicit return of favor she would be honored and obliged to follow through: come under his power and become part of his family. She hasn't seen her family since then.

As for life in the Asian Family, there have several squabbles between her and the enigmatic Family Head. Though grateful to him, she is also upset at having lost her, in a sense, independence by living under someone else's roof. That she took his name was just as much out of spite as respect and only served to tie her even closer to the Family. As the time passed, she gradually grew used to her new life and existence and now she is fiercely loyal to Yao and her other family members and wants to prove her worth. Ironically, her offers to help have been shot down multiple times. Mei has come to the conclusion that she may perhaps never understand Yao.

Other Important Info:
→ speaks three languages of varying fluency: Taiwanese, Mandarin, and English.
→ really loves dogs and dreams of owning a German Shepard.
cannot stand the sound of nails being scratched on blackboards.
→ is very specific about the kind of tea she drinks, but when it comes to bubble tea she'll take anything.
→ curious about Western fashions and their strange statements about colors and designs.
→ one day, she's going to ask Yong-Soo to teach her Taekwondo.

Roleplay Sample:
The room was not large, about twenty feet by fifteen feet; the walls, however, were tall. Given her short height, the room seemed to dwarf her even more. Often she would wake in the nights, her breath half-caught, her heart pounding, and the ceiling would be over her. A ceiling was good, she knew, but they were just so far away and she had never lived in a house with such tall walls. Back home, having such heights meant affluence, and Mei had never known affluence. Her beneficiary (she still thought of Yao like that, sometimes) dealt in illegal matters. It was always those who played dirty who made the most. The poor worked hard and had nothing to show for it. It was so unfair that she felt angry just thinking.

It was one in the morning, much too early to be angry. She willed herself to calm down, and she did. She knew there were many things to be grateful for, one of which was the roof. With a roof you did not have to fear the rain, the thunder, the typhoons. You could sleep soundly and dream. Until she moved in this new Family, Mei had never dreamed. But now she dreamed, and she dreamed of herself and her family and they lived in a big house with plenty of food and servants to take care of her father and there was no poverty, no misery, not ever. Sometimes she even dreamed of Yao. He was an omnipresent figure, like a god, or maybe a demigod. He knew everything and his power was akin to that of an Emperor. "Why are you so big?" she wanted to ask, but the words were stuck in her throat and the dreams always ended abruptly, with drifting in waters or worse, falling.

At seven, she woke to the sound of her alarm, washed, and changed. There was breakfast in the kitchen and she yawned and said to everyone already up: "Good morning."


Name: Mei | sono.
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Mei-yan Wang

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Re: Mei-yan Wang

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Very good. Accepted!

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