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Francis Bonnefoy

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Francis Bonnefoy

Post  Francis Bonnefoy on Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:10 pm


Full Name: Francis Bonnefoy
Age: 29
Birthday: 07/04
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: English House.
Rank: Guard

Strengths: • Insight. Francis has a good eye for whats really going on in a situation. And if its not apparent at first, he'll piece it slowly together.
• Love. Although it may be corny, he does love the closer members of his family.
• A creative mind. He tends to see things from different angles than normal, and this gives him a slight edge in certain situations.
• A calm demenor. He can keep a level head in most stressful situations, including shoot outs and dealing with the injured. He tend to keeps his head until after the affiar is over, then he procedes to freak out, often in his room with a glass of wine.
• Confindence and persuasion. He tends to give off the air of a man who knows what he's doing and can pull through with whatever he attempts. A charming smile and a gentle greeting often disarm the people who he meets. It doesn't help that he is rather good looking and he uses it to his full advantage. He has a way with words, and the accent is just the final spice he uses to get what he wants.

Weaknesses: • Drinking. Wine especially. He won't over indulge often, but like most people he's not at the top of his game when drunk.
• Stubbornness. This can be a strength at times, but most often it causes him a little trouble. He likes things to go his way, and is a little upset when they don't.
• The people close to him. Even though he can trust most of his 'family' to take care of themselves, he still worries often for their well-being and tends to have an almost 'big brother' complex. If any of them were in a hostage situation, Francis would surely have a minor heart attack, even if he kept a cool front. It makes for a good guard, but can be overbearing sometimes.
• Over-Cofidence. Sometimes, he thinks too highly of himself, and it will get him into trouble, especially if it interfears with his job.
• His perversion. He can easily get distracted by a nice rack, or a sweet as- er, well... A good body in general.

Personality: Francis is very laid back and relaxed when it comes to everyday affairs. He likes to call himself charming, but most just call him a player. He is a connoisseur of wine and has a large collection at home of wine for 'special occasions' (God only knows what those occasions are). He does cook, and takes pride in it, always ready to try a new dish or recipe. Most people agree his cooking is superb, which he'll always quip "Of course it is, I am a French you know." Of course, having lived in France, he speaks French quite fluently, and often uses French words or expletives in everyday conversation. And even if he tries to deny it at times, he is really a huge pervert. Not just for the ladies either.

When it comes to work, he is very serious. For his family, he would do anything. Most people are surprised from the change of the laid-back Francis to the serious persona he adopts. He is ruthless when it comes to his family and will protect them at all costs.

History: Francis was born and raised in a mafia family, in France. Their main way of earning money was mostly through prostitution and money laundering, so at a young age he was exposed to corruption and the darker side of society. He was trained to be strong in both body and mind. He was the son of the main guard of the head, and the main negotiator of the family. Both his parents pushed him to do what they both did, so he was trained as a diplomat and a bodyguard, trained in the way of the gun and the word. He was taught English, for it was the most spoken language around the world, and he spoke it quite fluently over the years, even if he had an accent. And the charismatic charm he possessed didn't help the fact that he was able to seal deals as easily as his mother. As he grew older, the head of the house saw great promise in him, so he often recruited him to protect his daughter, who he grew close to. It never led to anything that would have made the boss upset, but they spent a few wild nights together.

It was when Francis was 19 that the house fell apart. The police had finally caught on, and everyone left with what they could keep. His family moved out of the country to avoid detection, choosing a city with many mafia families in hopes of finding work again. Francis decided to let them go their way as he tried to make it on his own. Soon enough, he encountered the mafia, and asked for work with the first house he could uncover. The head hired him, and he was to protect the heir to the house, Arthur. Francis was surprised to be placed so high when he had just started, but accepted the job in stride. He wouldn't say he's gotten close to Arthur, but the amount of times he's called a 'Frog' and 'Useless Frenchman' has declined over the years. Slightly.

He now works for Arthur as the main guard of the house, and quite enjoys his position. But he still dreams of France, and hopes to return someday to his homeland.

Other Important Info: Nothing I can think of right now.

Roleplay Sample: Night had fallen over the city, but that didn't mean it rested. Francis let out a soft breath, smoke following it as the clove in his hand smoldered. It was supposed to be healthier than smoking. Frankly, the only reason he did it was to help him relax.

With years of being taught to always be on your toes and to never relax your guard, it was sometimes hard for him to push it all down and enjoy life.

But he had found a way through it all.

He flicked away some of the ashes and leaned against the railing. He looked over the city, set aglow with artificial lights as cars pulled into business and lights turned flickered in apartment buildings. He brought the clove to his lips again and took a drag, letting the day wash over him. Everyone was safe at home right now, unless Matthew and Al had decided to sneak out. Francis subconsciously rubbed a bruise on his side from the spar between him and Matthew. The boy was getting quick. Or maybe he was getting old.

The looming date of his thirtieth birthday felt surreal. How long had he been in this city? Almost eleven years now? A hand wove through his hair, pushing it back as he looked up to the stars. The smog from the city prevented him from seeing them clearly, but he could make out a few of the stronger stars. He recalled going out into a field, by the Nice River in France, and seeing everything clearly. The Milky Way, and all the constellations in the dark night sky. The question tugged at his mind again. Would he ever go back?

With a grunt, he dismissed the idea and crushed the clove under his foot, heading back toward the doors that lead inside. He had been away from the house too long already. With a small sigh, Francis headed back to the English household.

He still didn't call it home.


Name: Keya or Chelsea
Timezone: GMT - 8
MSN/AIM;etc: AIM/Skype: KeyaTehSpazz
You read the rules, right?: Blue~
Anything else?: .... I love you all?
Francis Bonnefoy

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Re: Francis Bonnefoy

Post  Maccheroni on Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:53 pm

It is nice to have you back France! You are accepted, of course! I don't think I told you before, but I really like the way you play France. I look forward to seeing you around~!

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