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Lovino Vargas

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Lovino Vargas

Post  Guestie on Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:49 pm


Full Name: Lovino Vargas
Age: 17
Birthday: March 17th
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Rank:Family Member

Strengths: Accomplished pickpocket, Caring of others despite what he might say or how he might act, Innovative, Determined, Persevering
Weaknesses: Jealous, Lazy, Pessimistic, Cowardly, Clumsy


He is perhaps the exact polar opposite of his brother. Lovino puts on the air of being a tough guy, but that’s really all talk. When the time comes for him to prove himself, he is either too lazy, too afraid or too inept to accomplish the task.

Lovino is quite kind and polite towards women, but generally the opposite towards men. When around men, he tends to keep to himself but he is more likely to start arguments and curse like a sailor. He becomes especially upset if anyone from the German House is around and is known for trying (and failing) to insult or mock them.

When he is not arguing with people, one can usually find him eating pizza or, his weakness, tomatoes.


Lovino has always been fascinated with Mafia life. Sometimes he felt lucky that he was born into the family. However, he would remember his twin and bemoan the fact that he should have been older. His parents, heirs to the Roman house, had twins. So even though he was the oldest, he always had to compete with Feliciano for their grandfather’s attention. The eldest twin couldn’t help but think that if their parents hadn’t died while they were so young, he might have been the heir. Because his grandfather loved Feliciano. Loved him much more than he could ever love Lovino. And how could he not? The younger twin was so loveable and adorable. Sure, Lovino may have been more suited for the job, but no one ever seemed to care about him. When he was younger, he would bully that little brat, trying to get any kind of attention, but his efforts went unnoticed.

Even though he was bitter about his brother, he stayed in the family. His attraction to that kind of life was too strong to permit him to live any other way. It irked him to no end seeing Feliciano complain, so he had taken to performing the grunt work of the operation. It hurt too much to stay around the headquarters.

Other Important Info: Nothing right now~

Roleplay Sample:

“Stupid bastards…” Lovino sat, staring out at the street and watching a few drunks get kicked out of the bar. His job for the night had gone well for once so he had decided to get a bite to eat before heading back to headquarters.

He hated it there. He hated everyone’s attitudes, how they seemed not to give a shit about their jobs, their cheerfulness, what was there to be happy about? But most of all, he hated Feliciano. How that bastard had gotten into his position, Lovino would never know. That was supposed to be his! He was supposed to be the one who was going to call the shots! Every time he saw that kid he wanted to punch him right in the face.

Not that he ever did. After all, he didn’t want to get disowned. Where would he go then? No, Lovino would just stick to the background for the time being and wait. Hopefully something would happen and he could take back what was his.


Name: Sarep
Timezone: GMT -7 with no daylight savings time.
MSN/AIM;etc: Skype: Sarepthegreat MSN: PM for screenname~
You read the rules, right?: Il viola è il mio colore preferito. (purple)
Anything else?: If anything is too short, feel free to smack me and send me back to write more~


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Re: Lovino Vargas

Post  Maccheroni on Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:57 pm

Ahh, great, you went with my history without me having to change anything, I am glad it worked out. I am excited to have a Lovino so soon. You are accepted! Please make an account with the username 'Lovino Vargas', and feel free to start posting. Maybe even join us in the chatbox~?

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