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Xin Chào~ ;D

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Xin Chào~ ;D

Post  Lien Trieu on Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:55 pm

Halloa~ I'm kind of late~

Lien here... Person playing Lien here... There is a big difference, I am definitely not as mean as she is <3 I'm also probably way more braindead at the moment than she is, but I think that comes with the whole 'school' thing. If I do something wrong (in character or out of character) then, please, by all means, tell me.

A-ny-way~ I'd love to roleplay with anyone who wants to. Hit me up here... PM me... Talk to me at the c-box... Hell, ask me for my MSN if you want it. I love talking to people, especially people from here because I love people from here, so I'd be glad to get t'know you and talk to you and such. Aaand... that is all~ I look forward to roleplaying with everyone. If you've got a question for me or hulky manlady or whatever Lien, I don't mind answering~
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