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Tryout for Belgium!

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Tryout for Belgium!

Post  Angeline Hofstee on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:17 pm

Full Name: Angeline Hofstee
Age: 23
Birthday: April 19
Gender: Female
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Roman Family
Rank: Henchman (erm…henchwoman?)

A certain extent of knowledge of fire-arms, mainly rifles.
Has some experience with seduction.
Can do paperwork and forgeries too.

Pretty useless when it comes to any kind of combat where she is not armed with a rifle.
This especially applies to close range combat.
Hates “working” in dirty, yucky places.
Stubborn in some situations.
Only obeys commands that she finds acceptable (at least, right away anyway) and can be difficult to deal with at times.
She is frugal, except for occasional spending on very fancy dresses and jewelry (which gets her in trouble a lot.)
She likes having personal space. It’s one thing if she moves close to someone, but if someone else moves into her, she can get a little nervous and freaked out. The exceptions are her close friends of course.

Angeline’s personality is very “basic” personality, that is to say that nothing strikes you as entirely special or unique. Nothing, that when you hear about a story or something, you think “Oh that sounds like something Angeline would do/say!” She enjoys being social and partying, but she also keeps to herself. She can be funny and a tease, but she also likes to take thing seriously at times. Especially in a house that is somewhat laid back like the Roman house, being a stick in the mud can be disadvantageous. It really depends on the situation of course; let’s just say if “work” is involved, she is very serious.

She also has a stubborn streak in her. Her brother is very much the same way, although comparing her to her brother in any way will get you promptly rifle-slapped. In any case, she does not like taking orders from anyone but Remus, and her friend Antonio. Otherwise, she better be thinking the same way you are, or she won’t listen. While she is very close to the heir of the family and Romano, she does not think them fit to give her commands of any kind. And if not them, especially not any of the peons of the family.

Angeline was actually not a member of the house originally, and was allowed in. She lived with a middle class family in a small neighborhood near uptown though. She always saw the well to do people there in their fancy clothes, nice cars and wanted that to be her. Her parents eventually got a divorce, and she ended up living with her mother, and her brothers with their father. Thus she grew apart from them. She went to school for a while, but even though she was an okay student, dropped out. She began doing odd jobs, working as a waitress and a secretary until one night it all changed. She was walking home from work and a thug from the German family tried to assault her. She struggled but she wasn’t much of a match for him. Luckily her current job as a secretary was in the uptown area, and Roman guards were plenty. One spotted and recognized the man as part of the German family and quickly disposed of him. It was most likely not to save her, but to mark territory; still Angeline was intrigued (once she got over the initial shock of a man being shot dead right in front of her eyes). She ran after him and asked about his line of work. In another chance of fate perhaps, the company she currently worked for was an offshoot of the Roman family, and put in a good word for her. She was officially instated at the age of 18.
From there she learned to use weapons, and found the rifle to be her favorite. She also met some people who would become her closest friends, Antonio, Rico, and Romano. She has had her share of murders and “jobs” and is actually, as of now, quite well adjusted to the mafia life-style.

Other Important Info:
She enjoys the sweet things in life. Expensive dresses, jewelry, cars etc. But she has a special place in her heart for sweet candies and pastries. And even though she tries not to show it to the wine-loving Roman family, she loves beer. She also can be quite caring in a motherly sense, especially towards Romano. She likes taking care of children.

Roleplay Sample:
Angeline stepped into her room, and set down her rifle lightly. She sat down on a soft executive looking chair and sighed deeply. Another day coming to an end, along with the dirty work involved. Today’s task was taking care of a man who had been hiding some rather useful information from the family for some time now. She, like she always had, decided a sniper type of killing suited the situation best. He hadn’t seen it coming, and neither had anyone else who was around. Angeline then she slinked back into the shadows of the tall buildings associated with big business and corruption. Though she found no joy in killing people, she also had been rid of the shock or horror of killing far before today. She sometimes tried to justify it, but when she couldn’t she just decided to put it somewhere else that was hard to reach or recall. She liked to think of herself as a good person, and sometimes ignored the darker things in her life. She found that the best way to do this was to go out for a nice shopping spree. Getting a nice Italian sweet latte and parfait, and then going around to shop for pretty, extravagant dresses. Of which she would use to go shopping in the next day. Why wear it to work, if only she would only get such a lovely attire stained and dirty?


Name: Belgi, Ange, RGL, Des are all fine, Belgi is preferred though.
Timezone: pacific time
MSN/AIM;etc: (You should IM me~ XD)
You read the rules, right?: Green is my fav! woooo

Anything else?: I love making threads with characters who do not interact with Belgium normally so do ask if you are interested! Also, I pair Belgium with Romano, Spain,and England occasionally. However, I am not set on these and platonic relationships are great too! ^^

Angeline Hofstee

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Re: Tryout for Belgium!

Post  Maccheroni on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:29 am

Nice to have you back Miss Belgium! You are accepted. You know you are my favorite Belgium ever! I am happy to have you in my family this time.

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