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Kiku Honda - Complete

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Kiku Honda - Complete

Post  Xue on Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:18 pm


Full Name: Kiku Wang (Adopts Yao’s last name after joining the family)
Age: 21
Birthday: February 11
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Asian
Rank: Guard

☢ Skilled martial artist (Karate, Judo, etc.)
☢ Skilled swordsman
☢ Extremely loyal to his master (or so he considers the head of the family)
☢ Very fast learner
☢ Very tenacious, careful, and thorough in what he does
☢ Very kind to the weaker and less privileged
☢ (Usually) calm and collected, with a smile (even when in middle of murder)
☢ Has great domestic skills because of where he grew up- can cook, clean, wash, babysit, etc.

☢ Weakness for women and children and tears
☢ Extreme obsession with the concept of honor, and will go to any lengths to preserve it- even if it is detrimental to himself
☢ One can never tell what he is really thinking
☢ Has a thing for cute things and animals
☢ Very distant to others, and cannot warm up to them easily, if at all
☢ Short… D:
☢ Disadvantaged in terms of brute force (makes up for it with his flexibility with weapons and martial arts… usually)- hand-on-hand combat is not really his thing- he would rather have his weapons when going out
☢ Extremely protective of his family, sometimes to a point of being irrational and dangerous
☢ Slightly dangerous when he gets out of control
☢ Loves good food. And his sodium. Can’t live without sodium…
☢ Extremely sensitive about his past, and occasionally reacts harshly to mentions of it
☢ Can be quite a sadist and/or masochist depending on the circumstances

Usually moving about in the darkness, Kiku is one of the guards in the Asian mafia, protecting the head and his immediate surroundings whenever necessary, and “cleaning” unwanted “trash” when ordered, swiftly. Though quite short, he does not back down from men much taller and heavier than himself, glaring up at them, and getting to his point through swift moves if necessary. He may be small, but he isn’t to be screwed around with.

He is usually calm and collected, always smiling to practically everyone until the moment when he shows his brutal self. Once his smile is gone, there is trouble. But even when it is there, it is difficult to tell whether he is smiling amicably, or with darkness. Whatever feelings he has, he usually hides them well. It is not that he dislikes the other person- he just finds it difficult to trust in someone so deeply that he can show him his weakness. He prefers to not have skin contact with others (which puts him in crashes with Yong Soo when he is feeling particularly touchy happy) due to his slight fear of it. If you hug him, prepare for instant rigidity, and at worst, a swift kick to the stomach. Though, if you explicitly order, he will probably do anything.

He is quiet and reserved, and a good listener. To people who does not know who he is, he is an innocent, kind, and polite young man. Most people do not realize who he is without being told, so commoners usually interact with him as a civilian rather than a feared mafia member when he is out and about in normal clothing during the day. In normal, daily activities, he is a complete pushover. However, if he believes very strongly in something, he will pursue it, no matter what others say.

He is loyal to the point of foolishness sometimes, and can get so caught up in his mission or promises that he gets himself into a hole that he cannot come out of. He would not leak information or beg for mercy no matter what is done to him as long as he can keep his own state of mind. Once pushed the edge, however, or begins believing in a concept that is pushed down his throat, there is no knowing what he would do as an extremist.

He holds his master, as he refers to Yao, in extremely high respect, looking up to him as a benefactor and someone who gave him everything, and trained him to become who he is. He is his most important person at the moment, and if it’s to make him happy, he would do practically anything, and that was what he has been doing for the past few years. His attachment (when he forms one) is ridiculously strong, often to the point of a full-out obsession.

Kiku was born as a son of a servant in a very wealthy nobleman’s mansion. He was never given his father’s last name because he was never officially claimed as the man’s son. To put it simply, he was the nobleman’s illegitimate son, though the man also happened to have two older daughters with his wife. However, it was not until his mother suddenly fell ill before he turned 13 that he was told (quite rudely) of who his father was, by his father’s wife. Though his wife was at least outwardly tolerant of her husband’s affair, she would absolutely not stand for him to formally acknowledge Kiku as a son- which would make him the heir of the family.

The man’s wife wanted him to work for his lodging in a small room that he shared with his sick mother. It was not as though Kiku was not working, even if just a little, before, but apparently the status of being dressed up daily like a doll to match his feminine complexions by his half-sisters was not enough anymore.

The man wanted him to work as well. It did not take long for Kiku to realize what his definition of work was. He knew this man, who was apparently his father, only liked him because he looked like his mother. His dark, smooth hair, his sharp black eyes, and soft, doll-like complexions apparently mirrored that of his mother, and he was told so often. And the best part, he was told, was that he could never get pregnant.

His distant personality, even as a child, which stemmed from years of living in a very segregated, non-ideal circumstance, contrasted with his mother’s, which was always warm and docile.
To this day, Kiku does not know if his mother had loved that man, or despised him. She never let those kinds of statements and emotions leave her lips. The last thing she said to him was an apology for not being able to protect him. Then she left him alone in the world where he only had hatred and fear of. Fear of men, fear of women, fear of the outside world he had barely ever seen. Hatred towards his “master,” hatred towards his “mistress,” hatred towards his “misses,” hatred towards everyone that saw but pretended not to see what was happening to him. And sometimes, even his own mother, for giving birth to him in a place like that. With the disgusting blood of that immoral man in him.

After his mother’s death, Kiku ran away, figuring anything that had been stopping his father from doing whatever he wanted to at all was now gone. He fled into another city, and was picked up by a gang of homeless boys who made a living by thieving. Their way of justification of their actions convinced the boy, and he agreed to help them bring in money. His feminine complexions and small stature, along with his quick ways, allowed him to steal relatively easily. Most people did not suspect that a boy like that would steal anything. Everything was going well until he found a girl crouched on the roadside, shivering in the cold, unable to eat because she had no money.
For the first time in his life, he felt sorry for someone other than himself. That small girl, even smaller than he was, shook, curled up against the brick wall of a building. So he gave her enough to buy bread and milk from his “earnings,” figuring that they were probably not going to even realize.
Until someone saw him, and told the “boss” of the group. He was sent out on a mission meant to fail with a bruised face and a sprained leg, and not surprisingly, did not succeed.

The next anyone saw of him was in one of the alleys, unable to move. It was there that he witnessed a murder by the hands of men from the Asian mafia. After contemplating whether or not to kill him for witnessing, they decided to take him back (he was Asian after all) to their headquarters. He was nursed back to health, and was presented to the boss of the family, all cleaned up.

Upon inspection, Yao decided to give permission for him to be trained to be a member of the family. He seemed quick and intelligent, regardless of what history or education he actually had. And besides- the most loyal kind of men are those that have nowhere else to go. And Kiku had nowhere else to go.

For once, Kiku was part of a “family.” He was trained in styles that fit his physique, and became quite skilled with the sword and martial arts. His loyalty belonged to Yao and the family.

With his blessing, Kiku adopted his newly found master’s name- Wang.

Other Important Info:
☢ Has a batch of cats running outside the house he feeds every day
☢ Most prefers his sword; though fairly competent with guns as well, but with guns, there are always better
☢ Spends a lot of his free/alone times reading and sucking in information making up for the years he was not able to go to school

Roleplay Sample:
“Please, no more… No more…” The man’s begging fell on deaf ears. “Please… Stop… Please…”
Kiku stared down at him, coldly. His gun was poised a foot away from the other man’s head, who was on the ground in the alley, shaking and bleeding. He didn’t like the phrasing. The phrasing brought back memories of something he did not want to remember.

That man never stopped. Not once. Not even when he begged him, cried, screamed. He never stopped. How dare this man beg him to stop? All he did was shoot. It just so happened that Kiku was much quicker in handling his gun than he was. If he hadn’t done it first, he would be a couple shots nearer to death himself.
This man is not suffering anything nearly as agonizing, humiliating, and disgusting as what he had to endure for years. No.

This whiner…. Has no sense of honor… How could he beg and cry like this? Does he have no pride as a man? This is why this family was so inferior… If all of its men were like this, it would be very easy to crush it once he is given the order. He smiled a little.

He saw a small glint of hope come into the man’s eyes when he saw him smile.
“No more…,” Kiku purred as he smiled down at the man on the ground, the pool of blood slowly expanding on the dirty ground. The other man began raising his arm, begging with his eyes. Kiku swiftly pulled the trigger, and coldly stared as the man’s eyes widened in shock and he fell back slowly, still with a small smile on his lips. “No more.”


Name: Xue
Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
MSN/AIM;etc: MSN:; AIM: herokache
You read the rules, right?: Perhaps ;D
Anything else?: Prease forgive my Engrish.
And I moved from my house to my apartment, so I had to start a new topic- please delete the old one.
If there is a problem, please let me know. ;////;


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Re: Kiku Honda - Complete

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Re: Kiku Honda - Complete

Post  Kiku Wang on Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:54 pm

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Re: Kiku Honda - Complete

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