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Tino Väinämöinen

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Tino Väinämöinen

Post  Finland on Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:16 am


Full Name: Tino Väinämöinen
Age: 26
Birthday: December 06
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: mafia family; nordic
Rank: member

Excellent sniper-great with his rifle. Averaging 8 out of 10 sniping jobs being a success

Works hard- he always cooking, cleaning or finding something to do

Loyal-will do any thing for his Mafia family

Feisty-because of his size he had to make up for it with attitude when someone pushes his buttons

Really good cook- since most of the family lacked good cooking skills he had to take over cooking

Berwald-He is close to the much taller male but is often frightened by him

His kindness- He often taken advantage of by the family

Drinking-when he is stressed he drinks enough to rival Matthias ( he is ranked 9 out of 25 on a poll )

Book smart but not so much street smart-Despite being a very brilliant child in both marksmanship and studies, he does not seem to have much in the way of practical common sense when comes to dealing with other house members alone. Until they push the wrong buttons

Cute things- will go out of his way to help a injured animal or lost children.

Tino is often described as being simplistic, gentle, and honest, as well seeming rather adult-like. He can be very talkative, especially around Berwald. He likes thinking up jokes to lighten the atmosphere. He also loves to think of interesting and unusual festivals that no other country could imagine, and enjoys the taste of salmiakki. He also happens to love spending time at saunas, to watch the Moomins, as well as cook for everyone.

Tino when drunk tends to be a bit violent and will yell at any one who gets him angry while in this state. However, once he gets past the drunken rage he can get very loving and cuddly. His cuddle victim normally is Berwald

Tino was born into a lower middle class family. Where his father was a politician within the government of Finland and his mother librarian in the local university. Tino was the oldest boy of five kids with an older sister, two younger sisters and a younger brother. Tino spent his life with under his father shadow being expected to follow in his foot steps. He had no desire to do so but feared telling his father this.

Tino kept up good grades in school. Once in high school he joined the fencing club and the marksmen club. He did very well in both. Especially in marksmanship becoming rank two in his division. During a performance that a few high ranked military officials attended he was ask to join the ranks with two others in the classes above him. Despite only being sixteen years of age. Three years younger then the rest of the recruits who were forced to join due to it being mandatory to join the army. When his father found out he be came furious and threatened to throw the teen out if he went with it. Tino finally being fed up with his father’s constant berating him told him he had no desire to follow in his father’s foot steps. His father grew angrier and told Tino he disowned the boy. Tino was not bothered by this and left to join the military where he soon became a skilled sniper.

Tino spent two years within the army when he was sent on a mission to take out some terrorists with a member of a highly respected mafia family. Berwald Oxenstierna was the man he was assigned to work with. To the smaller blond the male seemed like a big mean bear who said very little. Tino found him some what attractive but refused to show it. What he would admit was he was afraid of the much taller male due to how intimating he was. Though talking to him he found that he had a boy he had adopted two years prior.

During the mission Berwald was impressed by how good the younger was. After the mission little did Tino know Berwald went to his boss and told him of the Finnish male and arranged it where he could go on more missions with the boy. Over the next year and a half Berwald and Tino grew close. To Tino’s surprise Berwald took the Fin out to dinner and offered To have him join the family having already gotten approval from Matthias to bring him in and paying the army to let him go. Wanting to get to know the older better agreed to join.

Upon entering the family he meet Peter and grew fond of the boy. The rest of the family quickly accepted the kind hearted male. Shortly after growing close to Peter Tino asked Berwald If he could help him care for the boy like another parent. Berwald liked the idea of having some help with the young child. Tino often spoiled the boy by buying him what ever new toy he wanted.

Other Important Info:
Tino has a dog named Hana Tamago that he cares for with Berwald. He shortest out of the Nordics besides Peter. Has mixed feelings for Berwald.

Roleplay Sample:
Tino sat on roof with his rifle. He was sent on this mission to take out a nasty politician. Deep down he hoped it was his father who treated him like crap but knew it was not him. He set up the bipod and added the silencer. Then took his position lying on the roof of the building. He rested the stock against his shoulder. Then adjusted the scope to get a clearer view of his target. He took quick look at the man behind him smoking. “You sure you really need to be here to watch me work Mr. Oxenstierna?” Then looked back down the scope and waited for the perfect moment to pull the trigger and end the run of a very corrupt man in government dragging the people down.



You read the rules, right?:dark purple
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Re: Tino Väinämöinen

Post  Maccheroni on Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:43 am

Sorry for the wait! You are accepted. I like how your application came out, and I am glad that you said you have already been getting along with members of your family! Please make an account with the name Tino Väinämöinen. Feel free to start posting and maybe play in the chatbox! I am happy to have another person I know from real life here!

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