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Matthew Etienne Williams

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Matthew Etienne Williams

Post  Matthew Williams on Sun Sep 12, 2010 2:30 am


Full Name: Matthew Williams

Age: 16

Birthday: July first

Gender: Male

Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: English Family

Rank: Possibly Spy... I'll have to talk with my house about this

- The ability to calmly and collectedly do his job
- a good listener and debater
- can cook pretty much anything as long as people don't mind experimentation from time to time
- is loyal to a fault to his chosen family and friends
- is easy to get along with and will try anything once
- is a speed fighter and mainly focuses on stealth.

- Has a bit of a low self-esteem which often causes him to be a little reckless
- doesn't like seeing his friends or family hurt and will take bullets for them (No, I am not kidding, he will block them from a bullet)
- can become complacent far too quickly if scratched or massaged on the head and neck
- is a quiet speaker so when trying to stop an argument, he is mostly ignored
- he is easily hurt by sharp words to him by his friends and family which leads to behavior that normally ends up with him distracted
- Alfred.

Personality: Mattie is a quiet young man who is often found people watching than getting involved. Mattie has grown up around people who tend to be ignorant of the young boy, and in that way it has made him very independent, often helping the workers at the orphanage he used to live at with his older "brother". He has also grown up around Alfred which helps him work with the strong-willed teen. Mattie is often found in the kitchen cooking since both he and Francis like to do so, and in the Library reading up on all sorts of things. Mattie is more academically focused and likes learning new things.

As one of the spies in the family, he has a very eclectic collection of clothes and disguises he uses, not afraid to cross-dress if need be. Mattie loves working with children and babies and is often found in a nearby orphanage working as a volunteer to help out the people in charge of the home. Mattie is often found sitting on the floor with all the children around him, reading a story or playing with them. Very few people other than the heir, guard and head of house know about this side of him, and let him do so to make him feel more at peace with himself. Mattie does have a low self-esteem issue that comes out when he is ignored by friends and family.

Because the younger teen is so easily overlooked, it's hard for him to believe that he has people looking out for him other than Alfred, and sometimes even Alfred can cause the younger teen to have bouts of depression. Mattie is working on them, but sometimes can be found wandering the maze that they have at the English house to clear his head and think. He is very close with his family which can sometimes be his downfall as he will take on any mission given to him to prove his worth to them.

History: Mattie was around three years old when he lost his parents to a mugging. He was lucky enough to have stayed hidden in his house when it happened, but he saw everything. He was found three days later by his parents bodies silently crying. The neighbours had come in and taken him to the orphanage where he became the "little" brother/friend of Alfred Jones.

Mattie normally kept out of trouble in the Orphanage and often helped out the other adult workers with Alfred, often keeping the elder in line by using the fact that Mattie was scared of abandonment to the best of his ability. Mattie later on found out about the fight Al had with one of the adults they knew around the area and had heard from Alfred himself that this man with big eyebrows and really green eyes saved him from being beat to death. Later on the man came to get Alfred, and instead ended up taking home both Matthew and Alfred.

Other Important Info: Matthew will have friends in other families and it may cause some problems with the jobs he may be asked to do in the future. he will do them, but will try to find alternate ways of completing the mission without putting his friendships in danger.

Roleplay Sample: Mattie looked around at the loud club, swirling his drink around in it's glass, a mix of Quebec ice wine and vodka, one of his favorite drinks to order during a long term spying mission. For this mission he was to find and seduce a high-end sex drug dealer that had been skimping out on payments to the family. He had to find out all the necessary information on his target, gain his trust, and eventually take him out. The target was often found in this club praying on the feminine males that came here to de-stress.

Mattie looked at his outfit of tight, ripped black leather, a tight mesh shirt covering and displaying his chest. Mattie had tied his strawberry blonde hair back in a long ponytail, looking like a virgin, even though it hadn't been true for years. He saw the target slink towards him and took a drink from his glass, swirling it as he shyly ducked his head, thinking to himself, ' Let the games begin.' Mattie watched as the man leaned into the table and bought him a drink. Mattie smiled seductively and leaned forward, murmuring to him, " Thanks for the drink, mister. I was wondering if you wanted to have a dance with me. I would really appreciate it."


Name: Samantha

Timezone: Pacific

MSN/AIM;etc: MSN- ; Skype- SweetieSammy

You read the rules, right?: Yes, I did

Anything else?: Umm, I might be on at least once a week due to college, so don't expect any quick posts. I'll try to do it as often as possible.

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Re: Matthew Etienne Williams

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:50 pm

Accepted. ^^

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