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Berwald Oxenstierna

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Berwald Oxenstierna

Post  Berwald on Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:02 am


Full Name: Berwald Oxenstierna
Age: 28
Birthday: June 6th
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Nordic
Rank: Guard

✔ Ridiculously strong
✔ Loyal to a fault
✔ Honest
✔ Thinks on his feet
✔ Intelligent. There is a difference between this and the previous.
✔ Slow to anger
✔ Protective
✔ Hard Worker

✘ Easily targeted. He's tall, mean looking, quiet and when he does talk it's with a verbal tic of shortening most of his words.
✘ Family. Anything happens to them, Ber's off the handle.
✘ Smoking. Sort of a secret sin of his.
✘ Fighting. Sometimes spoils for a fight when he should let things go. Not as bad as Denmark though.
✘ His face. He can't help it, I swear! He never means to look so mean.
✘ Cooking. Years of fighting and living on the street has led to a few health issues, one of which is his inability to eat certain foods.
✘ Cute things. If it's cute, he wants to take care of it, ie Peter and Hana Tamago.


By nature Berwald is a quiet man. He doesn't ask for much from anyone, and believes fully in giving back exactly what you've been given. He's not easily swayed by anyone save for the majority of his family (Read as: Everyone but Denmark) and is often guilty of attempting to spoil them if possible.

He has a penchant for finding cute things that look homeless, and instantly taking them in. If you look pitiful, his first response is normally to try to help you unless he knows you to be a rival.

Despite his intelligence he's actually nearly computer illiterate. He's more of a follow things by the book type and a hard worker, much more likely to be the one busting someone's door down than hacking a system via computer.

He's also a very responsible character, his mind rooted in the firm belief that the idiot head (Denmark) will one day run the family head long into some unnecessary fight and he'll end up having to lead everyone right out of it before Peter can take over.


Berwald's roots are in the street. He's the product of a prostitute and some unknown John, though his looks are strikingly similar to a now dead local politician. He doesn't know and never really cared. When he was old enough to walk his mother would send him out to wander freely while she worked, and one day shortly after turning nine he just kept walking.

He wandered the streets for almost five years floating between packs of homeless kids. He was useful due to his looks and strength, and many groups would welcome him into their midst. When he got tired or annoyed of being with one gang or another, he would simply leave.

One group wasn't so particularly free about letting him go, and even tried to stop him, only for their leader and strongest member to end up with a few teeth missing along with a broken arm and leg, and bruises like flower tattoos all over his body.

Since then he was no longer welcome among any of the groups.

But luck was on his side. That fight led him straight to Denmark, as the other youth had heard of Berwald's power, a rivalry struck from the outset. That fight was memorable to Berwald for two reasons: Firstly, that fight was the first time the Swedish boy was unable to beat down anyone, and secondly because it lead to him entering the Nordic family.

After meeting with the family he trained alongside Denmark under the previous head, his intelligence helping him to catch up on the basics of education (Something he had been deprived of his entire life.), as well as leap ahead through the basics of how the family worked. His first loyalty was the family, his mind bent completely on how to further the family's ambitions.

When the family chose Denmark as the heir, Berwald was a little resentful at first. After all, he'd worked as hard as he could for the family's sake, even killing a man that tried to invade the house. But the previous head assured him that he was just as important as Denmark, the house needing a strong spine to support the head, and Berwald better fit that purpose.

When he turned 18, the previous head died and Denmark took over the family.

A year to the day later Berwald had been wandering the streets, trying to keep his thoughts from running away when he happened across a dirty little boy that he recognized from a photo of a Peter Kirkland that had been circulating through the family. Immediately he recognized the hungry look the boy's eyes held, and he was able to lure him back to the family's mansion with promises of warmth and good food.

As Denmark and Norway tried to ransom the boy off, Berwald started to take care of the boy, and with the help of Tino and Hana Tamago (he'd found the dog almost a month after finding Peter) he was able to convince the boy he was harmless. From that grew the love and sense of belonging to each other that the two share today.

When Denmark named Peter to become his heir, Berwald only became more protective of his young 'son'. Until Peter is fully aware of the needs of the family and can become a true leader, he feels like he is second in command, and the family generally views him that way as well.

Other Important Info:

He has a dog, Hana Tamago, and unless the Tino wishes to change it a bit, he only thinks Tino is attractive. No real relationship built in.

Roleplay Sample:

Berwald wasn't one to complain, but this newest mission had to be one of the most ridiculous ones yet.

He stood outside the club, eyes quickly scanning the girls behind the curtained off windows as he searched for the one that had come to the family three nights ago. After a moment a door in the side of the club opened and he saw her poke her head out.

"Here." She beckoned him over and he walked to her, a bit of distaste for the tiny jewel covered outfit she wore plain in his eyes.

"Is 'e in there?" The words were quick and soft, his glance into the backstage area of the club revealing that she was alone. To her nod he simply stepped past her and walked to her dressing room. Behind the door stood his mark, and he brushed a hand past his still holstered gun. It was a just in case, something Tino had insisted on before he left, a talisman of luck to him.

He knew he'd be the one that would kill the man with his bare hands, and easily.


Name: Fox
Timezone: Pacific Standard, -8 GMT
--AIM: AngelDesolation
You read the rules, right?: Crimson.
Anything else?: Nope. <3

It's kind of hard to make Berwald without the other Nordics present, so if there is anything that any of you want to change where his history would cross with yours, lemme know. I'm flexible. ^^


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Re: Berwald Oxenstierna

Post  Maccheroni on Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:00 am

You are accepted, of course! I never realized how many Hetalia characters had weaknesses for cute cute things hahaa~

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Re: Berwald Oxenstierna

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:57 am

lol It's true.

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Re: Berwald Oxenstierna

Post  Berwald Oxenstierna on Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:00 am

Yay for a created account. xD
Berwald Oxenstierna

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Re: Berwald Oxenstierna

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