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Come to Canada eh?

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Come to Canada eh?

Post  Matthew Williams on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:22 pm

Hi everyone, it's Matthew (or Matthieu, as Papa knows me) Williams. I'm a pretty much quiet speaker sometimes though others I tend to channel Alfred in taking control and speaking my mind. My versions of Mattie are a bit spirited so they aren't the meek, nervous version most people who watch the series know him as. I am very vibrant with my friends in real life and I can be an odd mix of Mattie, Francis and Alfred when I'm doing cosplay with my friends though I'm normally in Canada cosplay.

One of the funny things about me is my features. I have dirty blonde hair that shines a lighter color in the sun, (no I'm not kidding, it will do that) with pretty green-grey-blue eyes (which happen to be called Moonlight Blue and is a contact color). I am pretty tall, around five foot eleven and so I tend to tower over a lot of cosplayers I know. I am also very affectionate in that if I know you or see you, I will come up and ask for a hug, (not run and hug, but ask... I get a lot of them when i do that.) and I normally tend to get them. If you guys ever want to contact me, I suggest a PM or even bugging me on Skype... it's my favorite form of aloking now a days.
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