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『 Ludwig Beilschmidt 』

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『 Ludwig Beilschmidt 』

Post  Ludwig Beilschmidt on Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:48 am


Full Name: Ludwig Beilschmidt
Age: Twenty
Birthday: 3rd October
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: German.
Rank: Heir

☑ Physical Strength
☑ Loyalty
☑ Excellent memory
☑ Tenacious
☑ Patience

☒ Technology;
☒ Sweets;
☒ Cute things;
☒ Alcohol Tolerance ;
☒ Compassion;

Serious, strict and efficient could easily describe Ludwig, judging by the way he is acting towards the others. Although he doesn’t show it most of the times, it is said that Ludwig has a soft side towards certain persons, but since he isn’t the best at displaying, he’d just be embarrassed and shout when the others compliment him. Even if he appears to be a calm person most of the time, some say that each time Ludwig drinks something, his anger is being released.

Usually Ludwig appears to be a tough man in front of the others, his emotions being sealed on the inside, refusing to admit that most of the times he felt lonely. He is a bitter man, refusing to let the others approach him or even talk to him unless it was something important, since he wasn’t exactly the most sociable person. Each time someone picks a fight with him, insult him or embarrass him, Ludwig easily snaps and uses his strength in order to prove them wrong.

When around his friends (even if they aren’t very numerous) Ludwig acts totally different, showing somehow another side, most of the times remaining silent, proving that he is either embarrassed or doesn’t know what to say. Deep inside, he cares a lot for his friends and treasures them like his own life, ready to do anything if necessary, but he considers that showing this in front of the others would be counted as a weak point. He might appear to be a tough man, but he does have a big heart.

When he is frustrated, Ludwig usually goes out for a drink, but most of the time he goes over-board and gets drunk. While doing so, he spills almost everything out and the persons around him might not look the same, unless they know him, since his whole anger is being released along with whatever he thinks about the others. He is shown to have a quite unpleasant side, getting violent quite fast, yelling and making a truly bad impression. When sober, he is in denial, refusing to even think that he did that.


Ludwig Beilschmidt was born in Berlin, Germany in a rich family. However, he didn’t seem to be as fancied about it, due to his parents almost never spending time with him. But he grew used to it.

Since his parents didn’t have that much time for him, Ludwig basically grew up all alone, sealed apart from the others and barely getting to meet the rest of his family. Although most of the people consider this to be a weakness, he thinks this made it better for him. It was hard for him indeed, but slowly he managed to grow up with a bit of help from family relatives. Since he didn’t have the chance to meet many people, Ludwig locked himself on the inside, becoming silent and talking only when necessary. Well aware of the fact that he was the heir of the family, Ludwig showed no interest In dealing with others or making friends, whatsoever.

It didn’t take long until Ludwig went further for superior studies, unaware of the changes that happened at his house. He was never informed about it anyway. So, one day when the German boy returned home, he wasn’t as surprised to find out from other family relatives that his parents were no longer there anymore. It was understandable and expected since after all, they were haunted down for their belongings.

Even if he is always watched over, Ludwig did grow up into a fine, handsome man. He worked out and trained in order to prove that he was worth being the heir of Beilschmidt family; by that it is pointed out that he can handle a gun very well, showing no mercy to whoever intends to disturb him.

Other Important Info:

∙ Ludwig is the sort of person that likes to read and find out new, interesting things.
∙ He may be German, yet his Alcohol Tolerance is still low.

Roleplay Sample:

Certainly, this is not what he wanted. Ludwig wasn’t exactly pleased by the situation he was in. Both arms raised in the air, a gun pointed between his eyes. It was just one of the people that were after his fortune and desired his existence to disappear. Only the sight of that caused anger to bulb into his stomach. The German boy wouldn’t let himself tricked.

A swift, careless movement and he would vanish. That’s why he had to think of something as fast as possible to get himself out of the dangerous situation. He didn’t remember the last time he confronted something like this, but he could tell a certain thing—it was no good. And the man before him seemed to hesitate about pressing the gun too. Maybe because of his looks. Maybe he scared him…Maybe he could use this to his own advantage.

But oh, what a bad idea was to even try to move, as in for the next thing he knew, a sharp noise echoed the small place they were currently in, a bullet passing right through the German’s shoulder, causing him to wince and even curse—German and English cursing, to be more precise. But there wasn’t time to whine or even think about it, as he dodged the next attempt of the other trying to, perhaps end his life this time and landed a fist straight in his face.

Ludwig was muscular, actually well-built, so such a hit should be critical. And it proved to be right, once the man was on the ground and their positions were reversed. Ludwig’s boot was pressed against his stomach, not too hard, just to give him a mere idea of what he got himself into. Cold, blue eyes glared down at the other, finger ready to press the trigger and end the situation.

“No, please, I-I promise it won’t happen again!” Lies, pure lies. And there was nothing that angered Ludwig more than that. Gritting his teeth, his fingers tightened against the trigger, until a loud bang was heard. The silence followed after explained how things ended up. It wasn’t the first time Ludwig had done something like this, so he didn’t feel anything.

It was no longer what it used to be.


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Ludwig Beilschmidt

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Re: 『 Ludwig Beilschmidt 』

Post  Maccheroni on Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:55 pm

Heeey I know you! You totally used my favorite picture of Germany so you get major bonus points in my book! You have a really nice application, and I know you are a fabulous roleplayer, so you are accepted, of course! Please change your name to Ludwig Beilschmidt and welcome to our family! I am excited that we finally have an heir to the German family~

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Re: 『 Ludwig Beilschmidt 』

Post  Lili Zwingli on Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:46 pm

Welcome Mr. Ludwig!
I hope you have fun here with everyone!
And I look forward to RPing with you! :'3
Lili Zwingli

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Re: 『 Ludwig Beilschmidt 』

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