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Gilbert Beilschmidt

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Gilbert Beilschmidt

Post  Prusse on Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:59 am


Full Name: Gilbert Beilschimidt.
Age: 25.
Birthday: January 18th.
Gender: Male.
Is this an application for a first or second character: First.

Family: German.
Rank: Guard.


& Scheming and Planning

If there is something that Gilbert excels in, it would be scheming. He's very good at analyzing the situation and making things work, and when that happens, he's very complex that he starts talking to himself or acts like there is no one there except for him and his thoughts. Because of one man in his life, Otto von Bismarck, he's great at planning and understanding the dilemmas he could be in, going as far as to be in his enemy's shoes and evaluating their location by the time he would strike, making things very organized and lessening the chances of losing.

& Lying and Deception

This might not sound good, and others wonder why this is his strength. It can be explained, however - when Gilbert finds out about an situation, he does his best to fit in with everything so there will be no missing pieces for any dilemma or costly situations that may arise. Having a wardrobe full of clothes comes to his advantage, especially when he tries to pretend like he's someone that he is not for deceiving someone else. Overall, Gilbert knows how to talk to someone to wiggle his way out of situations, who to talk to, and the way to squeeze information from the person in question.

& Detective Work

Ah, here is something Gilbert uses his eyes for. The dark crimson irises can be used for intimidation, which is indeed, the real uses for them. However, he can pick out things that is wrong in the picture, much like the 'Guess What's Wrong In This Picture'. He's basically good at guessing and overall looking-over-the-situation, correctly pulling out flaws and problems from any plans, making it as perfect as possible.

& Loyalty and Devotion

When something catches Gilbert's attention completely, he's a slave to that. He loves fitting the pieces together, especially if it emotion-related. This is rather a serious topic for him, and he will do anything to protect anyone that is important to him, to any place or part of the land, even to self-sacrifice. Anyone in his family is before him, really -- he just fibs about being the most awesome. He worries about everyone, even the aristocratic Roderich to the gun-attached Vash, and will try to take care of them as best as he could -- and afterwards, nag them about how damn awesome he was!


& Haphazardness

Gilbert is rather careless in life, and makes decisions he should think twice on. This could be somehow explained in which he goes out to drink with his friends, and drinks way too much, ending in him experiencing the never-joyful hangovers at the next day, in the morning. He can also get hurt easily, without even trying to be hurt. Most of the accidents he goes through is because of his carelessness, and even though he tries to stop the habit of doing so, it's a challenge for him.

& Quick Temper

Gilbert is very easy to rile up, either one way or the other. He does hold grudges and will be nasty to them, or annoy them to the max. To him, it's really just like a game. However, his quick temper might lead to bad judgement, which leads to catastrophes. His self-control would probably fly out the window, too, so it's best to keep away from him when it happens. While he has these tempers, Gilbert tries to keep calm; although, it's really not improving. Temper is just a big part of this albino's life.

& Stubbornness

It's really hard to tear Gilbert away from a topic that has captured his attention, and he will go to the end to finish the job or gain whatever he wants. This is both a blessing and a curse at times; he can be pretty reckless when it comes to something that he wants, and will try to get it, as much as possible.

& Tears/Emotions

Simple! You see, if anyone cries or begin to show their tears, he's at a total end to do anything. He's just not experienced with it, and this is one of his most secret weaknesses. Gilbert will easily become an blabbering idiot, trying to make up the situation at hand, and will look extremely stupid. If the situation is handled nicely, then he'll go off somewhere to recover and gain his 'awesomeness' back on his own.

... If it's his own tears, then he blames the dust in the air. 'Cause really, what kind of an awesome cries?


Gilbert has a very big personality, especially for his ego. He loves to tell others that he is the best, and that anyone could challenge him; but he'd win, of course. Threatening others are also fun for him, and loves to prance around, threatening and warning others for if they don't obey him, they'd get on his bad side, and that would be very, very bad. Annoying others is also one of his specialties, and he loves to poke someone until they explode. It's a interesting time for him, and he enjoys people freaking out for the things he caused.

Friendship is also important for Gilbert, but he doesn't notice it yet. He's rather blunt when it comes to socialism. He can be described as anti-social, and he says he would rather be alone, doing things alone, but that's only the beginning and the scratch of his surface. Friendship and alliance are one of the most important things needed to be prosperous, but he keeps on believing that because he's awesome, he'll be able to pull through it. Because he's awesome, everything will just be a quick snap of his fingers and it'll be over, which is far from the truth.

It's very hard to read his feelings; he's that good when it comes to covering up his real self underneath the layer of skin and blockage. He doesn't try to be harsh, but the way that he comes off, his aura goes against him and he ends up looking like the original, bad villain. When sad or bad times arise, Gilbert doesn't show the sadness or the panic often, smiling and smirking, while in his heart, he's worried like nothing. When alone, the situations worsen and he begins to lose everything, like in a trance. It's a side of him he doesn't show often, and he doesn't want to show people, either.

Even though Gilbert might not look the part, he is extremely loyal to his friends and allies, sometimes going farther than what he is allowed to. To the ones he knows and cares about, he's a very kind and rather likeable person. However, to the ones who go and rub him the wrong way, can get into lots of trouble. Prussia isn't the one to let go of grudges, and if it is especially his friends who are getting into trouble or is getting hurt, than Gilbert will do self-sacrifice, or to the last drop of his extent.

Like everyone else, he's not fond of giving up, and wants to go on until the end. As much as his jokes and pranks might be cruel to the one who is receiving them, Gilbert doesn't have that much ill-will or malice behind them; it's just a pleasure of his, watching people be uncomfortable, twitchy, or irritated. It's one of the only ways he is able to keep his happy demeanour, even though he might receive ends of mean comments and actions in response.

Gilbert is also very cocky and arrogant, very full of himself. True, he's an ass, but he can turn out to be an loveable ass. It's also not hard to see him cursing or swearing; it's a part of him, too. His laughter proves to be quite entertaining -- It has a sound of, "Kesesese~" However, if anyone laughs at that... He won't be happy.


Gilbert Herrman was born in Berlin, Germany. Born into a wealthy family of rich and the wealthy, this spoiled boy had nothing to worry about. Being met with his everyday needs and wishes, he soon got quickly bored of the lazy, slow lifestyle. Starting from the rather young age of 15, he began to sneak out of the gigantic Mansions he lived in, on his own, at nighttime, in dark clothes and even a small knife for a weapon. It was then the family noticed that their beloved family bejeweled dagger was missing, and it was also then when they figured out the thief - it had been their own, sweet, little child.

Surprised at this outcome, they began to shun the boy - the family heirloom was very important to them, and locked all doors, even the child's, at nighttime to stop his escapades. However, Gilbert wasn't stupid or daft, for that matter. With glittering crimson-red eyes, the teen began to chip away slowly at the old hinges of the windows, and finally, tore the panel away from the escape route. He jumped out then, grabbing all his necessary items, and some money from his Father's account before doing so, and some food. And that was all he heard of the German teen in the Herrman family - but not the last.

When he slipped out, he had forgotten to bring any paperwork of sorts, which stated that he would be safe by the royal hand. Because of this, he was kidnapped by hazy men and brought in front of a group of gangs, who sold him to a rather interesting family, the Beilschmidts. They were rather power-rich, something that Gilbert had wanted from the start. The family liked his quick and cunning thinking, the swordsmanship and how well he began to use the gun at such an age, and began to accept him into the family as a member, not a servant, which was the original plan for him. It was there the name 'Beilschmidt' became his surname, and he was more proud of it than his first.

One day, when Gilbert had gone to bed, his new family had been ambushed. The gunshots did wake the sensitive German up, but it had been too late -- it was the shot of victory. Anguished, he grabbed the one pistol that he was trusted with, in a small, secret case near a safe; and ran downstairs to fend anyone off, if anyone was alive. Alas, he had been blinded by anger and tripped, dropping the pistol onto the floor. The intruders laughed harshly at the albino and shot him on the shoulders, the arm that had been reaching to gain back the gun. To this day, he has a scar on his right shoulder that he hides from everybody. Gilbert was losing blood, fast, and he was getting to be dizzy. Stumbling out of the place with the gun he had retrieved and the dagger he had snatched from his old family, he collapsed near an dark alley and was found by Germania and asked if he was willing to become a Guard. Who would say no? Weapons, ammunition, food, and of course, blood.

To this day, the albino still has the dagger, and it's like a prized possession of sorts - of course, he would have had it if his Father died, but, why not obtain it with more... Thrill and fun than the boring way? It is usually stored at the little pocket in his boots, and has almost wore out the place by the quick snatching. But of course, he keeps it with utmost care.

Other Important Info:

& Hurt his family, get hurt.
& The Golden Rule? What's that?
& Loves Beer and other Alcoholic beverage.

Roleplay Sample:


Did the other reckless men think they could outweigh him, the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt? A dark smirk rose from the corner of his mouth fully, and he rolled to dodge a shot that had been barrelling right for him. Too slow. Their calculation was far off if they thought he would truthfully move like a damned sloth. Crimson eyes glittered in the dark night as the albino took cover behind the wall of the gigantic Mansion and took a deep breath, slamming in some more ammunition into the chamber of his Machenpistole. Turning around to face the intruders, his face hardened. Never again, would he see his family hurt and killed in masses. Never on Earth, Gott!

Shooting rapidly, giving the others no chance to look up to fend themselves, the German anguishedly pulled at the trigger, seeing two more men get shot and fall onto the ground with a painful noise. The smirk deepened; this was too easy. Squeezing the last of the ammunition out of the trusty pistol of his, he took cover as more bullets began to shadow the wall that he was taking cover in. Oh, so there was more? No matter. He weighed the question in his mind -- did he want to go out and risk his chances, or to wait for backup -- his decision was made in seconds. More bullets were slammed into the chamber as he cocked it and gulped, his Adam's Apple bobbing.

Drei, Zwei, Ein.

Turning around fully to glare rather intimidatingly at all of the shady-clothed men, he whispered, "Möge Gott mit euch allen." And with that, he shot. He didn't realize the pain shooting up his leg, or the blossom of blut on his creamy-white pants. All he recognized in this scene, in the midnight-dark, murky nighttime sky, was the laughing face of the captors of the Beilschmidts. The colour of blood showed in the dimly-lighted floor, and the crimson coloured hues rivalled them. In his head, one phrase was heard.

'Gott mit uns.'

* Drei, Zwei, Ein -- Three, two, one.
* Möge Gott mit euch allen -- May God be with you.
* Gott mit uns -- God with us.


Name: Lunes.
Timezone: GMT +9.
You read the rules, right?: 'Course! I haft'a say though, Prussian Blue is pretty darn epic!
Anything else?: Nein, not really! If the Germany has anything to say to the History though, like if they want to be Bruders or something, let me know and I'll edit it. C:


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Re: Gilbert Beilschmidt

Post  Maccheroni on Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:54 am

Ahhh. fabulous application! You are accepted. I know you make a great Prussia, and will be awesome here. I really like your descriptions of his strengths and weaknesses. Please register an account with his name and start posting.

Only thing is, like you said, just make sure to talk to Germany when one pops up to see if they want to fit into your story.

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