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Arthur Kirkland -- England

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Arthur Kirkland -- England

Post  Arthur Kirkland on Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:58 pm


Full Name: Arthur Kirkland
Age: 26 years old
Birthday: April 23rd, 1984
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: Not sure, but I guess it counts as Second

Family: English
Rank: Head

¤ Determination
¤ Strategic thinking
¤ Cooking
¤ Level-headed to a certain degree
¤ Understanding... most of the time
¤ Negotiating
¤ Leading others
¤ Shooting
¤ Good-mannered

ø Managing his temper
ø Cooking
ø Socializing with others
ø Pessimistic
ø Stubborn to the nth degree
ø Delusional--Interested in the occult

Arthur can't help himself sometimes. He's incredibly reluctant to see the wrong in his own actions, but underneath that tough shell is a sort of delinquent pride in himself. He's damn well proud that he can frighten little girls with his angry face and he's not afraid to show that he's stubborn and won't give up without a fighting chance. These prove to turn out pretty bad next to each other, which means that he turns out to be more like a egoistic, angry, jerk. Which doesn't necessary bother the English man. He likes being alone. In fact, he relishes being alone. By himself. With his tea.

Arthur is also very good at lying to himself.

By building himself up around an image of what he believes himself to be, Arthur has created a personification of an old Victorian gentleman--the type with class, dignity and style. If Arthur had had a choice, then he would've been born during that era. Because of what he believes that he is (a gentleman, of course), Arthur has developed a few... strange delusions on the way. He can see fairies. He doesn't think that he sees them, he knows it. They're real, and they understand. So all in all, he's not really that lonely. He's got his friends.

He isn't really that lonely.

Arthur grew up with two things in mind: he was to be the head of a mafia, and he was to be polite but firm while doing so. After so many years of fighting with stubborn leaders, his parents had come upon the decision to make their son or daughter learn proper etiquette so that it wouldn't have to come down to a fistfight every time there was a negotiation. So in turn, the two wild parents went on a movie spree while the lady was pregnant and decided that if they were to have a daughter, it would be named Audrey after the great Miss Hepburn, and if it was a boy then he would be named Arthur after the Prince of Wales, and he would rule the mafia like a kingdom. And so it was.

Up until the age of seven, Arthur practiced his table manners, said please and thank you, and never lost his temper. And then it all changed with the arrival of Melissa. Melissa was a beautiful thing, with long pink hair and big, wide eyes. However, the best part about her was definitely her purple, shimmering wings. Melissa was the size of Arthur's thumb, but she was so energetic and lively that she made things fun. After Melissa came John and Mint and Cecilia and so many more magical creatures.

But no one else could see them. Arthur was told off by getting cuffed in the head by his mother that if he didn't 'pull up his socks' and get it together, he would never become a proper Head.

Well if he wasn't going to be the Head, then he might as well stop acting like one. Or so Cecilia told him.

So Arthur wore his hair long and listened to Prince instead of the Beatles and smeared black paint on his favourite sweatervest. (Of course, the paint was washed off quickly but it was really for the statement, not the result.) He entered a period where Arthur referred to himself as "Ar" and acted completely opposite to what he had been raised to be. He threw tantrums every single day, refusing to be sensible. He made enemies out of everyone, gave the subordinates haughty stares and even tried to run away. He became extra mean to his cousin Peter, and expressed a sneer whenever they came across each other. He was a total rebel.

It was freeing. It was perfect. It was... boring.

Having no friends nor comrades started to take its toll on eleven-year old Arthur. He started wondering if it was all worth it, to be rude to his parents and shun away the housekeepers. After a strict talking to with Melissa, she eventually persuaded the boy to go back to learning etiquette. However, four years of rebelliousness don't just disappear overnight. To this day, Arthur still feels like throwing tantrums (and sometimes does), sneers haughtily, and is generally not as much of a gentleman as he once was. Some people say he's a jerk. He just says that he's well-weathered.

Other Important Info: There will be no comments about the 'brows. No comments.

Roleplay Sample:

[ooc: taken but modified slightly from past application on somewhere else]

"Is that all, sir?"

"Yes," Arthur nodded slowly before turning his attention away and back to his paperwork. "That will be it, James." His head snapped sharply back up to show two glowering green eyes. "I expect that you will get it right this time, yes?"

"O-of course, sir. As always. Rightio, like they say where you come from! Ahahaha!"

Rolling his eyes, Arthur turned his head down again as the bumbling servant retreated out of the room. Must they always talk about his birthplace? He'd been living in America for more than ten years now, he had almost lost all of his bloody slang! Well, most of it, anyways. Who the hell even said 'rightio' anymore?

Scratching his initials on the contract, he scowled. "It's amazing what kind of foolishness people get into, right Mint?"

"It's even worse for the gits who bail them out," the flying green bunny agreed.

"That's right, old chap. I don't even understand humanity sometimes." He shook his head and finished the papers, "You know, this type of thing--murder, rape, burglary--wouldn't happen in the good old days."

"You mean the Golden Days?"

"Exactly." Arthur sighed. If only he could go to those days, where top hats ruled and etiquette was a standard for every single being. The knock on his door brought him out of his thoughts and his eyebrows twitched. "Come in!"

"Your tea is ready, sir!" The servant hurried in with the cup on a shaking plate.

"Oh, that just makes me chuffed to bits." Arthur rolled his eyes as Mint snickered.

Bewildered, the servant blinked. "I beg your pardon sir, chuffed... to bits?"

"Never mind it," the Englishman snapped. "Finish with what I assigned with you to do."

"Yes sir!"

Arthur sipped his tea and cleared his throat just as the poor servant was about to escape. "It's excellent tea, James."

"Oh," the relief in the man's face was obvious. "Thank you sir, I do appreciate it so."

"Hurry along then!" Arthur smiled faintly as the door closed, sighing. It was a tough life that he lived.


Name: meru (does this name sounds familiar~? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT DOES.)
Timezone: Pacific~
MSN/AIM;etc: taserlove on both
You read the rules, right?: Aye aye, captain.
Anything else?: I-I'm back? Or I'll try to be! o/ Oh, and since "Arthur Kirkland" was already taken, I added a nickname. "XD
Arthur Kirkland

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Re: Arthur Kirkland -- England

Post  Maccheroni on Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:16 am

Yooou~ I am very happy to see you back here because each and every one of us missed you! You are accepted, of course. I know that you a a fabulous roleplayer, and your application is so nice! Since you have been here before, I am sure that you know how things work! I will change your username to simply Arthur Kirkland for you, so next time you log in, make sure to use that! Welcome back to our family!

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Re: Arthur Kirkland -- England

Post  Guest on Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:26 am

RAWRAWRAWR. I KNEW YOU WOULD COME BACK. YOU LOVE US JUST TOO MUCH. And you know this is awesome. You're LIKE A BOSS now. I'll certainly miss your HK but I look forward to seeing your Arthur~ And you know that I know that you know that your app is fabulous~ Confused yet? Our lovely admin will change your name to Arthur Kirkland as you already know. YOU SHOULD SINCE YOU LOOKED BEFORE -CRYCRY-



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Re: Arthur Kirkland -- England

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