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Haro HK - Yuan Wang

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Haro HK - Yuan Wang

Post  Yuan Wang on Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:27 pm


Full Name: Yuan Wang
Age: 21
Birthday: August 29
Gender: Male
Is this an application for a first or second character: First

Family: Asian
Rank: Member - Heir

• Staying calm
• Keeping others calm
• Negotiating, persuading (in terms of business only)
• Shooting (Point Blanc)
Being a housewife Cleaning, making tea, dusting, lecturing
• Resilent
• Can read the atmosphere pretty well
• Somewhat good at Martial Arts

• Socializing (lots of awkward moments, pauses in conversation)
• Comforting (or showing any kind of feelings)
• Cooking
• When upset or really embarrassed, Yuan will completely shut down
• Fistfights
• Relatively slender
• Overachiever, overworker
• Horrible at Lying

Silent and grim-faced, the original impression that Yuan gives off is that of a stiff, mildly frightening heir. However, to his 'family' members, that is not entirely the case. Sure, Yuan is on the surface exactly what he looks like: a dry, no-nonsense proper boy who might be a little too mature for his age, but there are certain sides to him that only his closest friends can see. Though he disapproves of inappropriate behaviour and frowns most of the time, he's quite willing to do any of the crazy things his family asks of him (especially if they use their best puppy-dog eyes). It all has to do with the loyalty and love to his family, whom he's quite devoted to. To outsiders, he will act calm and stoic, but he never goes as far as to put down other families or gossip about them. He doesn't approve of such petty tasks, and takes his job as the heir quite seriously. However, once faced with one of Mei or Yong's wide-eyed pleas, he'll find himself in a stuttering, awkward situation. It's fairly easy for his family to change his mind.

But then again, while on jobs, the stoic, in control part of Yuan takes over. Sometimes, he wishes that the inner Heir in him would come out more often. In reality, most of the times when he's talking to someone about something that's not business, he feels quite helpless.

Yuan was not always Wang Yuan. For the brief years before he was taken in by Yao, his name was actually Chen Xi Yuan. This fact is known by only two other people: Yao and Yuan's mother. He doesn't quite remember how and when it happened, but one day four-year old Chen Xi Yuan became Wang Yuan and when Yuan looked up from his toys, his mother was gone. The disappearance was so sudden that it shocked him at first. But eventually, Yuan knew that crying wasn't going to solve anything, and Yao was good enough to him. He was his big brother, the closest thing he had left of 'family'. So he obediently listened to Yao and the others and ate his meals thankfully. Sometimes, he would sit quietly by the windowside and look out the window, wondering where his mother was.

At the age of seven, Yuan was sent to the English family to further develop his skills. Accepting this as just another task, Yuan gradually warmed up to the twins, Arthur, and all the other members of the family. Just as he was getting comfortable, however, he was whisked back to the Asian House (he didn't cry this time; he only waved goodbye and looked back through the rearview mirror). Things had changed. Yao was the heir, and Yuan started to train in fighting skills. Although his frame was naturally slender, he grew to be a tall boy, and learned that guns and him went along very well.

Things happened and slowly, the Asian family grew and grew. Lien arrived at the age of eighteen, bright and eager to fight. Mei joined up as just a regular member somewhere along the way. Yao became Head. And then, Yuan found Yong. He still doesn't know what compelled him to take him back to their house that day, but he can't say he regrets it. And lately, Nickkhun. He loved each and every one of them, and he still does.

Other Important Info:
• If he sees dust, Yuan will feel the itch to take out a feather duster. Immediately.
• He also carries around a lint roll with him wherever he goes. It folds into a nice little square for his wallet.
• When drunk, Yuan will get... touchy. Touchy-feely. This is the reason why he does not drink.
• Hurt his family, prepare to be hurt.
• Yuan must have rice with every meal.
• He drives like a slow, boring grandmother.

Roleplay Sample:
"Yes, that will be all." Yuan allowed a barely-there smile to surface on his drawn shut lips. It was all for the sake of business. He knew it, they knew it, they all knew it. Similarly, the man across of him gave a thin smile and nodded. The smile then disappeared from both of their faces and they got up to go. Each of the two carried their briefcases and papers. Yuan walked out first, his brisk pace separating him from the cold room in only a few seconds. Without a backwards glance, he left the building, sighing. Another deal done. It was tiring, but someone had to do it. He couldn't wait to get back home and wash the dishes to prepare for dinner. A frown made its way onto his face. Again, everyone had harshly turned down his offer to cook. He just didn't understand. What was wrong with his cooking? Shaking his head, he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to look up at the sky.

It was clear and blue and beautiful. He didn't usually have time to admire things like nature, but Mei used to always tell him to stop and live in the present (along with taking that stick out of his butt). Lately, he'd been trying to notice more of his surroundings. He took in the colour of the grass outside their house, the patterns of the clouds, the rain drops on the windshield of his car. It was... beautiful, he supposed. He smiled for all of two seconds before he heard the echo of footsteps behind him. Standing still, he nodded as the other businessman got into his car. He watched it until it went around the corner, leaving him alone yet again.

He realized, surprisedly, that he wanted to share this with the others. Even though he wouldn't be able to recount how pretty the sun shone on the weeds in the ground, he wanted to be with his family on this beautiful day. Ah, he was getting soft.

Fixing on his usual neutral expression, he made his way to his own car. Maybe he wouldn't feel so lonely once he got home. He started up the car.


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Re: Haro HK - Yuan Wang

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:36 am

Accepted. ^^

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